Finding a perfect real estate agent in Canada can be nerve-wracking because, as we know, house hunting can be a daunting task. Therefore, It is vital to find the right kind of agent and strike a connection with them. Moreover, being inquisitive can help you better understand if your first meeting with a real estate agent can assist you in purchasing the property of your dreams.

Having a trusting real estate broker in Canada on your side always works as the most significant blessing while buying or selling homes. Selling or buying your property is more than a business, and having the right guide can make the transition smoother. Moreover, choosing the wrong realtor can be the deciding factor in making a costly mistake.

There is no stress, though! And to reduce your burden, we have curated some of the best questions you can ask to help identify the best realtor in Canada for selling or buying your property.

Best Questions To Ask A Real Estate Agent in Canada

1. Check for the Reality of the Realtor

Check for the Reality of the Realtor

Before you trust any real estate agent in Canada, make sure the one you want to hire has an official realtor’s license. Your contact must be a trained, accredited and licensed realtor. If you ask your agent to see their official license and object to the same, you should consider finding a replacement with the necessary official documentation.

2. Experience And the Track Record

Experience of Canadian real estate agents

Once you see the licence of your real estate agent in Canada, the next question you must ask is their experience and track record over the years. It doesn’t matter whether they have recently attained their licence or possess experience of more than a decade. You must remember the following points:

    • Your realtor must have full-time real estate experience and not part-time
    • Know how many deals they have broken over the years to check their track record
    • Validate their experience, read or see their client’s reviews
    • Also, remember that up-to-date training is mandatory, not just the longevity of experience

3. Expertise in Buying Property in the Desired Area

Buying Property in desire area

One of the primary questions is:- “Have you sold homes in this area before and in my price range?” Another question to ask is, “How many dream homes have you sold?” These queries are crucial as the real estate market varies from city to city and even neighbourhood to neighbourhood.

For example – In Toronto, real estate agents need a strategy based on previous data with the know-how of all local metrics.

Another example – If you want to buy a condo, how will your agent find the one that best fits your budget? It’s crucial because every house, loft, condo or apartment comes with challenges. Therefore, you must know their knowledge of that particular area and the property.

4. How Many Deals You’ve Cracked

Deal cracked by real estate agents in Canada

Asking your realtors in Canada about the number of deals they have cracked is not wrong. This is how you will know their reputation in the real estate market and their command over the business. They both may buy and sell homes for their clients. Being aware of their overall track record can guide their credibility.

5. Ensure to Check the Referrals List

Ensure to Check the Referrals List

Every real estate broker in Canada arrives with referrals whenever they first meet you. They will present you with their listings. You can further call and ask their handful of clients about their work. The referral list will help you in validating your agent.

6. Be Available As Per Your Convenience

availability of real estate agent

Another thing you must understand is the availability of your agent. If your agent works only for weekends, then your dream house will be gone before you can even take a look at it, or as a seller, you can miss the opportunity. Therefore, you should ensure that your real estate agent is available easily.

7. Compare the Charges of Realtors in Canada

Charges of Real Estate Agents in Canada

Make sure to talk to more than one realtor in Canada. It is because realtors work on a commission basis. For instance, If a seller pays a 6% commission to an agent, they would share it with the agent who bought the buyer’s home. If you are a buyer, there is nothing to worry about. However, if you are a seller, then it is your concern. Though the commission is negotiable, it is advised that a seller work out all financial details with the broker.

8. What if Something Goes Wrong

Something Goes Wrong

Buying and selling a house is more like moving several pieces altogether. It is not as simple as packing your belongings and shifting to another place. Therefore, before working with a real estate agent in Canada, you must know their experience and how they think and react under critical situations.

You can directly ask your real estate broker if anything has ever gone wrong with previous clients. If they say never, it’s time for you to move on and find another agent. Because in the world of real estate, things go wrong daily. But, if they share their experience, it will give you an insight into how they respond to tricky situations.

Here’s the Final Say

We hope this article helps you understand what questions to ask real estate agents before hiring them. We are sure that these queries will assist in interviewing and finding you the perfect real agent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to hire a realtor to sell a home in Canada?

To hire a real estate broker in Canada, you have to make sure to remember the following points:
– Always check for references.
– Check the services offered by the broker.
– Make sure to interview two to three realtors.
– Check their business model and track record of past years.
– Don’t overlook the price.
– Make sure that your realtor is aware of your location.
– Find your realtor on different platforms.
– Don’t give the job to any person just because they are family or friends.

How much does it cost to hire a realtor?

Hiring a real estate agent in Canada is challenging, as they charge a lot. However, it varies from one real estate agent to another. The expected salary is CAD91,543 annually and goes from CAD16,000 – to CAD229,000 annually.

Should I sell my own house or hire a realtor?

Selling your own house can become hectic over time and can be a stressful endeavour. Therefore, appointing a real estate broker in Canada is a great idea, and it’s hassle-free.

What are the options to hire a realtor?

You can either hire a realtor through referrals, your acquisitions, online, or any organization.