ToTop Neighbourhoods in Toronto

One of the most obvious gems in Canada, Toronto is a beautiful city with a vibrant arts scene and countless leading industries. Ranked as the world’s fourth most livable city, this international and multicultural metropolis has something to offer for everyone with a high quality of life. Thinking of moving in with the family and seeking the top neighbourhoods in Toronto with a wealth of cultures, retail, food and entertainment? If yes, this article is surely going to take you through the best places that give you wonderful reasons to move with the family.

People from different corners of the world moving to Canada choose to stay in Toronto, one of the most blissful cities in the world that takes your breath away the moment you land. This hotspot is renowned as “a city of neighbourhoods” with more than 140 diverse communities and thus, makes a great place to live for singles, couples as well as families.

Toronto is also said to be the best place to live in Canada with a family. The city enjoys an incredible food scene and appeals with all the fun events and cool opportunities people seek while planning to move into a city. If you too dream of living here and are looking for the top neighbourhoods in Toronto for families, we bring you here the list of some wonderful places to consider. Read on:

List of top neighbourhoods in Toronto

neighbourhoods in Toronto

1. Allenby

Renowned as the most family-friendly neighbourhood in Toronto, Allenby is a place where you will get to see families with kids of all ages. The neighbourhood draws attention with its matchless beauty but the major issue here is there is no place for rent. However, it is packed with plenty of pretty homes and a picturesque atmosphere admired by families; and the schools in Allenby are known for their high rank in the country. Allenby Public School, Marshall McLuhan Catholic school and North Preparatory are the top ones. 

2. Don Mills

One of the best places to live in Toronto, Don Mills is undoubtedly suburban and is chockfull of people living with families. However, the neighbourhood is not known for a good rental stock. Despite this, you can find here a wonderful collection of schools including three Montessori schools and a Catholic school for elementary-aged kids. Also, the Don Mills is home to many shops and countless shopping destinations that are well-packed with all the amenities families may need.

3. Deer Park

With crystal clear skies and soul-soothing greenery, Deer Park makes a prime location for families looking to move to Toronto. It is counted among the most affluent neighbourhoods in Toronto and thus, makes an ideal choice for families with a good budget. Deek Park calls the attention with its well-kept and exclusively huge homes, however, it does not suit those seeking a rental home since there are no options for rented properties. It is one of the safest neighbourhoods in Toronto and has great choices of schools that rank well. 

4. Davisville Village

Lying in the heart of midtown at Younge & Davisville, Davisville Village is a beautiful place with a laid-back atmosphere. It is one of the best places to live in Canada for families and serves people of all age groups with endless amenities; thus, makes a great option to raise kids. This place is perfect to get around without too much driving and enjoy good security.

The local schools in Davisville Village have a great reputation all over the city. Though you will find here people of all age groups, there are several kids around in every grade. There are two elementary schools and two middle schools in the public system. The neighbourhood is also home to private schools, namely, Greenwood College, Toronto Prep School, and Sunnybrook. Moreover, Davisville Village also has a good housing diversity suited for families of all sizes seeking rental homes. 

5. Humber Summit

One of the top neighbourhoods in Toronto and counted among the northernmost neighbourhoods in the city, Huber Summit is a little farther from downtown and is less affluent and white. It makes an ideal option for families thanks to the cleaner and safer atmosphere. The neighbourhood is popular for its amazing selection of parks such as Gracedale, the Humber Arboretum, Islington, and Rowntree Park – the most popular one surrounding the Humber River. One major draw of Humber Summit is the bigger homes it has for renters as compared to any other area of the city, plus they are available at incredibly affordable prices. Talking about schools, there are various options such as Humber Summit and Gracedale in the public system, Venerable John Merlini and St. Roch in the Catholic system and many more just a short drive away. Moreover, the diversity factor makes Humber Summit stand among others on this list.

6. The Beaches

With a small-town vibe and a cosy atmosphere, The Beaches is undoubtedly a pretty option to consider while seeking the best cities to raise a family in Ontario. The beautiful view of the lake makes it just a gorgeous place to reside in. The town gives you the feel of living in cottage country and is also not that far from the core of downtown Toronto. The prices of the houses might be a bit high here but they are worth every penny you spend. Though The Beaches is one of the most under-valued spots in Toronto, it has a low crime rate and has good options for schools. All in all, it is a great place to raise a family, and the good thing is downtown Toronto is just a streetcar ride away from The Beaches. 

7. Bayview Village

Beautifully tucked amidst pine, cedars and birch of the East Don Valley, Bayview Village is one of the affluent neighbourhoods in Toronto. This uptown neighbourhood is identified by the three lofty condo towers and makes just an amazing location to reside and raise your kids if it is in your price range. There are several schools and parks all around the town, and families can delight in a lot of amenities within proximity. Also, Bayview Village is home to a shopping mall with more than 110 one-of-a-kind and luxury merchants, a YMCA and a subway stop. 

8. Bloor West

Lying along Bloor Street in the west end of Toronto, Bloor West is often called suburbia where you can experience the best of both worlds. It is one of the best suburbs of Toronto and the epitome of family-friendly neighbourhoods with an array of shops, restaurants and cafes around. With promising safety, good options for schools, and a perfect space to walk and play outside, Bloor West stands among family-friendly neighbourhoods in Toronto. You can find here the best family-friendly restaurants in Toronto. In addition to this, the town is located near High Park which is home to the High Park Zoo where there is free admission for kids. 

9. York Mills

Renowned for its “country living in the city”, York Mills is one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Toronto and is one best place to raise a family in Canada. While the luxury condominiums and shining office towers are a major draw in the town, it makes a wonderful place to raise a family. Those who find it in their price range are certainly going to experience the best of life in Canada. There are several private and public schools in scenic locations, York Mills Collegiate and Owen Elementary school are the most popular ones. Also, the beautiful ravines around the town offer amazing walking trails appealing to thrill-seekers and creating smooth pathways to schools for kids. 

10. Thornhill

Split between the cities of Vaughan and Markham, Thornhill is known for offering a great standard of living in its signature location. It is one of the best neighbourhoods in Toronto for families. There might be a misconception that the neighbourhood is no longer a part of Toronto, but that is not the case. It is a quieter and calmer place away from the hustle and bustle of the city creating the perfect setting to raise kids. It has an extremely low crime rate and is home to several schools popular all around the city. The homes here are in bungalow styles and have beautiful architecture, reflecting Victorian Gothic, Georgian, Queen Anne, Edwardian, Colonial touches. Moreover, the prices here are more competitive than the other neighborhoods on the list. 

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

We hope this guide would serve as a jumping-off point for those researching the most family-friendly neighbourhoods in and around the city of Toronto. If you are interested in moving to the city and dream of a beautiful life with your family here, this guide would prove to be a tool in your research and help you find a place best suited for yourself to start a beautiful journey. 

Additionally, this guide also gives you a slight idea of the cost of living and prices of the houses in the topmost neighbourhoods of Toronto and discusses a few things that need to be considered while moving in followed by a brief consideration of some best places to raise a family in the city. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Where to live in Toronto, Canada for families?

While there are dozens of beautiful neighbourhoods to live in Toronto that are ideal for families and the above article also discusses the 10 best family-friendly places to live in the city, however, we would suggest considering Bloor West Village, The Beaches or Davisville Village brimmed with all facilities and features the average family seeks.

Is Toronto a good place to live and raise a family?

Yes, absolutely! Toronto is a very family-friendly city with exciting options of neighbourhoods that ensure safety and quality living, and are packed with several facilities and amenities required to raise a family.

Where should I live in Ontario with kids?

Toronto, Ottawa, Waterloo, Oakville and Burlington are the best places to live with kids in Ontario.

What places of Toronto are safe to live in?

While Toronto is home to several safe neighbourhoods, Forest Hill South is the safest one in the city with large family homes and the lowest assault rate.