Shreya Roy Being the chionophile as Shreya is, Canadian Real Estate has always been an absolute quest for Shreya. Writing about the same is like a dream come true for this young author-to-be.


3 Stories by Shreya Roy

Guide For Parents Buying Home For Child in Canada

Buying a house can seem like an unachievable dream for many young adults in Canada. With rising property prices, increasing interest rates, and a...
0 4 min read

Guide To Canada Housing Market Predictions 2023

As we look ahead to 2023, there are numerous housing market predictions being made. The Canadian housing market is an area of great interest...
0 8 min read

How Your Trigger Rate Affect Your Variable Mortgage Rate

In Canada, approximately 75% of variable-rate mortgages come with consistent payments. In the case of these specific mortgages, fluctuations in interest rates do not...
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