Canada is one of the finest locations in the world if you are looking to pursue your studies or travel around. It is a vast and rugged country that is safe to live in with low crime rates and high respect for the indigenous. From North to South, it traverses more than half of the Northern hemisphere. It stretches 4,700 miles that cover only one half of the world’s population. Without further ado, let’s check out the most interesting facts about Canada.

Facts about the Canadian People

Facts about the Canadian People

  1. The country has the fourth lowest population density in the world. In 2019, the population of Canada was approximately 37.59 million.
  2. Canada is the most educated country in the world, with a 99% literacy rate.
  3. In Canada, the one-dollar coin is called a “loonie” and the two-dollar coin is called a “toonie”.
  4. An average Canadian citizen reportedly watches at least 30 hours of TV each week.
  5. Canada was the second country in the world to legalize Marijuana in 2017.
  6. The median age in Canada is 41 years.
  7. Half of the Canadians were not even born in Canada.
  8. 90% of Canada’s population is centralized in 100 miles of the Canadian or USA border.

Facts about the Canadian History

Facts about the Canadian History

  1. The British parliament passed the British North American Act and Canada became an independent country.
  2. Canada got its flag 100 years after becoming an independent country on 15 February 1965.
  3. Canada has two official languages – English and French.
  4. The only country that invaded Canada twice was America in 1775 and 1812.
  5. The Vikings came and settled on Canada’s east coast in 1000 AD.

Facts about Canada’s Geography

Facts about Canada’s Geography

  1. It is the world’s second-largest country.
  2. Canada is 30% larger than Australia and three times the size of India.
  3. Canada owns 9% of the world’s renewable water.
  4. Things about Canada that will leave you astonished is that it has the longest coastline in the world, measuring 243,977 km.
  5. Canada has the world’s 20% freshwater source.
  6. Canada is the largest producer of Uranium and Cesium (a rare element) in the whole world.
  7. The country has 6 time zones.
  8. Another interesting facts about Canada is that it has more lakes than any other country in the world. It has two of the world’s largest lakes, i.e. Great Bear and Great Slave.
  9. Wasaga Beach in Ontario is the longest freshwater beach in the world.
  10. Ellesmere Island, Victoria Island and Baffin Island are the largest islands in the world, and all of them are located in Canada.
  11. An unknown tidbit about Canada is that it comprises a place in Hudson Bay, with less gravity than the rest of the world.
  12. The oldest rocks are found in the Canadian Shield.
  13.  The International Boundary between Canada and the USA is the largest demilitarized border in the world.
  14. The country is the third-largest oil reserve holder in the world.

Facts About Cities in Canada

Facts about Cities in Canada

  1. Toronto, Canada’s largest city, is known to be the most multicultural city on the earth.
  2. Toronto has the longest street in the world, i.e. Yonge Street.
  3. Ottawa is the second coldest city in the world.
  4. CN Tower in Toronto was the world’s tallest free-standing structure until 2007. And is still the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere.
  5. The largest skating rink is in the city of Ottawa.

Facts About the Food and Drinks of Canada

Facts about the Food and Drinks of Canada

  1. Canada’s national drink “Caesar” was invented in Calgary in 1969.
  2. The beer invented in Canada is known as Molsen Canadian that was founded in 1786 in Montreal.
  3. Canada alone produces 80% of the world’s supply.
  4. Quebec produces more than 77% of the world’s maple syrup.
  5. Canadians consume more fruit juice per capita than any other country.
  6. Canada is famous for its Ice Wine, which is prepared by frozen pressed grapes and is majorly served as a dessert wine.
  7. Cheddar is the most popular cheese in Canada.
  8. Canadians eat an average of 190 eggs a year.
  9. The thing about Canada is that there is a large number of doughnut shops as compared to any other country.
  10. Canadians are outlandish about Kraft dinner, which is an easy Mac and Cheese dinner.

Facts About Territories of Canada

Facts about Territories of Canada

  1. Quebec is the only officially French-speaking province in Canada.
  2. Canada’s newest territory is Nunavut, separated from the north in 1999.
  3. Newfoundland is also known as “The Rock”.
  4. Number plates on all vehicles in Nunavut are shaped like polar bears.

Facts About the Heritage Sites of Canada

Facts about the Heritage Sites of Canada

  1. Canada has 48 national parks and reserves, 970 national historic sites and    five marine conservation sites.
  2. Wood Buffalo National Park is the largest natural park in Canada and the second-largest national park in the world.
  3. Banff National park was the first-ever park in Canada established in 1885.

Facts About Canadian Animals

Facts about Canadian Animals

  1. Nunavut has 50% of the world’s total polar bear population.
  2. There are 200 species of mammals in Canada.
  3. There are 630 species of birds present in Canada.
  4. The national animal of Canada is a Beaver.
  5. Canadian beavers are the second largest rodents in the world.
  6.  Muskox has an inner fur layer that is spun into wool ‘Qiviut’. It is said to be warmer than sheep wool and is sold at expensive rates.

Things About Canada’s Weather

Things about Canada’s Weather

  1. The province of Alberta is more prone to natural disasters than any other province in Canada.
  2. Ocean Falls, British Columbia, has almost 330 days of rainfall a year.
  3. The sunniest place in Canada is Estevan, Saskatchewan.
  4. Yukon was once as cold as Mars, recorded – 63 degrees lowest temperature in Canada.
  5. The weather in Canada can be extreme. Once in 1962, the temperature went from 19 degrees to 22 degrees Celsius in the time span of an hour.

Miscellaneous Facts About Canada

Miscellaneous Facts about Canada

  1. Interesting facts about Canada is that it is a constitutional monarchy headed by Queen Elizabeth II.
  2. The word Canada has arrived from the Huron-Iroquois word “Kanata” meaning settlement and village.
  3. Canada day is celebrated on July 1st.
  4. The capital of the country is Ottawa, not Toronto.
  5. Canada has been inhabited for over 14,000 years.
  6. The Canadian flag is called the Maple Leaf.
  7. Canada has never had a female Prime Minister.
  8. Canada’s first female politician was elected in 1921.
  9. Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world.
  10. The national sport of Canada is Lacrosse.

These interesting facts about Canada will make you want to visit the country at least once in your lifetime. It is one of three popular countries in the world. The maple country ranked number one for the standard of living, safety and untouched natural environment, making it a desirable location for families. 


What language do Canadians speak?

Canada has two official languages, English and French, and the top 5 spoken languages include Punjabi, Cantonese, English, French and Mandarin. Canada also has 60 indigenous languages. Moreover, Canada has two official languages, i.e., English and French. 

What are the fun facts about Canada?

The top countries visited by Canadians are the USA, UK and Mexico. 32% of Canadians are said to be very happy. 

Where do most Canadians live?

Over 60% of the Canadian population live in Quebec and Ontario. 

Why does Canada have the lowest population density?

A large part of Canada’s north is mostly not arable therefore is not supportive of human life.  

How many provinces and territories does Canada have?

Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories.