Housing Discrimination Under Fair Housing Act

The Fair Housing Act is a federal law that prohibits discrimination in property purchase, rent, sale or financing. This act was introduced in 1968...
Shivam Singh
6 min read 1164 views

Everything You Need To Know About Canada’s Income Tax Law

Income tax in Canada is a very important part of a country’s economic system. The citizens must pay a tax on the amount they...
Manshi Yadav
4 min read 694 views

Real Estate Tax Laws in Canada

The real estate tax in Canada, like any other country, has its norms and specifications. If you have to sell or buy property in...
Vaishali Rustagi
5 min read 824 views

Employee Rights under the Canadian Employment Law

Canada has established a system of rights and regulations that protect the interests of its employees. All the people working in Canada have the...
Sargunpreet Kaur
6 min read 940 views

Driving in Canada: Some Laws You Need to Know

No honking or horse racing on the highway? You may know how to drive, but there are a few important laws that drivers in...
Sargam Bhasin
5 min read 1996 views

Landlord Tenant Rights in Canada : Laws Affecting Landlords and…

Landlord tenant rights in Canada affect both the tenant and the landlord. In Canada, this applies to many people who rent a room or...
Vijay Kumar
4 min read 927 views

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