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ANX Condos

328 Dupont Street, Annex, Toronto, Ontario
From $743,900 to $2,758,900
  • Project Status:Selling
  • Builder Name:Freed Developments
project size image
Project Size
  • 104 Units 13 Stories
  • Condo
  • Construction
project Configuration
  • 1, 2 Beds
  • 1, 2 Bath

ANX Condos - Project Description

Situated at 328 Dupont Street, close to Spadina Road in the vibrant Annex neighbourhood of Toronto, ON, ANX Condos represents an elegant segment of the ambitious master project envisioned by Freed Development. This condominium development emerges as an ideal pick for ambitious individuals on the ascent.

With its prime location, ANX Condos ensures you are never far from the city's pulse. It nestles you close to essential urban establishments, including the University of Toronto, Dupont Station, TTC transit links, and George Brown College. Furthermore, a rich array of fine dining locales, boutique shops, and crucial service departments encircle the development, putting convenience and lifestyle at your doorstep.

Rising to a modest 13 storeys, ANX Condos houses a collection of 85 stylish suites thoughtfully designed to cater to various preferences. The suite assortment is meticulously planned, featuring 5 single-bedroom suites, 54 dual-bedroom suites, and 25 three-bedroom suites, each adhering to standard dimensions. The project, poised for completion in 2024, is set to meld contemporary living with an accessible, bustling neighbourhood setting.

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ANX Condos - Building Details

The splеndid еdificе of ANX Condos stands tall with 13 wеll-constructеd storеys, housing a total of 85 mеticulously dеsignеd units. Each floor of this modern structure accommodatеs 14 distinct suitеs, offering a blеnd of spacе and еlеgancе. Thе dеvеlopmеnt showcases 10 divеrsе floor plans, craftеd to catеr to a variety of lifеstylе needs and prеfеrеncеs. Thе thoughtful distribution of suitеs pеr floor, couplеd with a range of floor plans, undеrscorеs a commitmеnt to providing a comfortablе and personalised living еxpеriеncе for every rеsidеnt.

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  • Building Addres328 Dupont Street, Annex, Toronto, Ontario
  • Architect Teeple Architects
  • Parking Price$85,000.00

ANX Condos- Tower Details

Property Type : Condo
Price : From $743,900 to $2,758,900
Area : Toronto
Maintenance : $0.69 Per Sqft Per Month
Possession Date
know more about  Possession date
Country : Canada
State : Ontario
Municipality : Toronto
Community Annex
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ANX Condos - Brochure

We cordially ask you to explore the ANX Condos brochure. Encased within its pages, you will discover a thorough exploration of the condominium's myriad offerings, unique attributes, extensive array of amenities, and expansive floor plans, among other features. We invite you to follow the link to secure your exclusive copy of the ANX Condos brochure.

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ANX Condos - Unit Plans

ANX Condos unveils a spectrum of distinguished condominiums, each crafted with a unique floor plan to cater to diverse preferences. The array of choices encompasses a variety of features, including varying bathroom quantities, balcony dimensions, interior design aesthetics, and property classifications. We have compiled a comprehensive table below depicting the available assorted apartment configurations.

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1 Beds
1 Beds 491 SqFt. Apartment
  • Unit Name: 607
  • Interior Size: 491 SqFt
  • Bed Room: 1
  • Bath Rooms: 1
  • Ownership: Condominium
ANX Condos 1bedroom 491 SqFtsqft
2 Beds
2 Beds 701 SqFt. Apartment
  • Unit Name: 314
  • Interior Size: 701 SqFt
  • Bed Room: 2
  • Bath Rooms: 2
  • Ownership: Condominium
ANX Condos 2bedroom 701 SqFtsqft
2 Beds
2 Beds 720 SqFt. Apartment
  • Unit Name: 201
  • Interior Size: 720 SqFt
  • Bed Room: 2
  • Bath Rooms: 1
  • Ownership: Condominium
ANX Condos 2bedroom 720 SqFtsqft
2 Beds
2 Beds 740 SqFt. Apartment
  • Unit Name: 309
  • Interior Size: 740 SqFt
  • Bed Room: 2
  • Bath Rooms: 2
  • Ownership: Condominium
ANX Condos 2bedroom 740 SqFtsqft
2 Beds
2 Beds 750 SqFt. Apartment
  • Unit Name: 207
  • Interior Size: 750 SqFt
  • Bed Room: 2
  • Balcony Size: Balc. 80 SqFt
  • Bath Rooms: 2
  • Ownership: Condominium
ANX Condos 2bedroom 750 SqFtsqft
2 Beds
2 Beds 760 SqFt. Apartment
  • Unit Name: 301
  • Interior Size: 760 SqFt
  • Bed Room: 2
  • Balcony Size: Balc. 39 SqFt
  • Bath Rooms: 2
  • Ownership: Condominium
ANX Condos 2bedroom 760 SqFtsqft

ANX Condos - Amenities

ANX Condos enthrals with a suite of thoughtfully curated amenities, ensuring a blend of comfort and convenience. The meticulous design extends from the interiors of each residence to the expansive parking facilities, reflecting a keen understanding of modern urban living requisites.

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Parking for Sale
Parking for Sale


  • Fully developed kitchen
  • Parking for Sale

    • Three-floored parking structure
    • Open surface parking 
    • Joined floor parking areas
    • Underground parking

    Annex Neighborhood Overview

    The Annex is a lively place and people come to this part of Ontario to enjoy the bookshops, eateries and other facilities available here. The majority of the buildings in this place were built in the 1950s and 1960s. This part of Ontario has always been a student quarter. European settlement in this area started in the 1970s. On the other hand, the west section became a part of Seaton village. In the year 1886, a developer named Simeon Janes created a subdivision and named it Toronto Annex. Later on, the Annex became a part of Toronto in the year 1887. There are different kinds of properties available in here such as residential properties, commercial properties and freehold properties

    This locality has received a ranking of 82 out of all the neighborhoods of Toronto. On the other hand, it has also got an order of 598 out of all the localities in Ontario. It is also said that this locality is in a better position than the other places.

    Livability 78
    Amenities A+
    Cost of Living F
    Employment C-
    Housing B-
    Schools A+
    The crime rate in this place is also low. The total crime rate in this place has reduced to 62% from the national average. On the other hand, the total rate of violent crimes has also reduced by 60% from the National average. Here property crimes include everything from fraud, breaking in, and stealing. On the other hand, violent crimes include rapes, murder, and many other things. Here are the statistics for Annex neighbourhood:
    Index The Annex Toronto Ontario National
    Total Crime 1622 2915 3086 4223
    violent crime 416 748 792 1042
    Property crime 1205 2167 2294 3181

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    ANX Condos - Developer

    Freed Developments, lauded for exemplary work, champions the ethos of blending living, working, and leisure within a community. They endeavour to create "lifestyle hubs" to foster enhanced connectivity and quality of life. Their acclaimed projects, like Sixty Colborne and Art Shoppe Lofts and Condos, alongside numerous resorts and commercial ventures, have garnered various accolades from 2010 onwards, including BILD, marketing, sales, and design awards.

    At the helm is Peter Freed, whose meticulous attention to detail is a hallmark of the firm's designs. Under his stewardship, Freed Developments is not merely erecting buildings but curating a community of design-driven structures, each bearing a distinctive character. The company's mantra, “Live Better, Live Freed,” is intricately woven into every project, reflecting their commitment to redefining urban living.


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    ANX Condos - Project Structure

    The prices of the opulent residences at ANX Condos are susceptible to fluctuations, governed by many influential factors. The prevailing market dynamics, particularly when juxtaposed with adjacent new developments, bear a substantial impact. The distinct dimensions of each unit, its bespoke attributes, and its prime locale play pivotal roles in delineating the benchmark prices for both acquisition and leasing avenues.

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    Unit Stories : 104 Units 13 Stories
    Construction Status : Construction
    Architect :  Teeple Architects
    Builder : Freed Developments
    Price : From $743,900 to $2,758,900
    Est. Completion : Est. Compl. Winter/Spring 2024

    Location Population Growth & Immigrants

    The area around Dupont St & Walmer Rd in Toronto embodies a vibrant blend of residential and commercial spaces. Located in the lively Annex neighborhood, it boasts several apartment complexes, essential amenities like grocery stores, and a variety of eateries and shops along Dupont Street. This locale is a gateway to notable Toronto neighbourhoods, making it an attractive spot for residents and visitors.
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    • Population Growth
    • Canadian Immigrants
    • Avg. Cost of Living

    The Annex, a dynamic locality, currently houses 18,989 residents. With its compact urban setting, the area boasts a population density of 12,589 individuals per square kilometre. This significant concentration reflects The Annex's appeal as a desirable residence place, showcasing the region's potential for continued growth and urban development.

    The Annex showcases promising economic indicators, exemplifying its steady growth. The area's median household income stands at $86,251, which is 5% higher than the national average. Impressively, The Annex has an unemployment rate of only 5.2%, marking it 19% lower than the national average. Delving deeper into the earnings of its residents, 11.7% earn $20,000 or less, while 8.3% have incomes ranging between $80,000 and $100,000. Furthermore, 10.7% of individuals in The Annex command a robust earning of $300,000 or more.

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    In The Annex, the diversity of its residents is evident from its varied ethnic backgrounds. The Chinese community comprises 8.6% of the population, closely followed by the South Asian and Black communities, which constitute 5.2% and 5%, respectively. Furthermore, 2.2% belong to multiple visible minorities, and the Korean community represents 1.7%. Delving into the origins of its immigrant population, the United States stands as the birthplace of 2.9%. China, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and Iran each account for a notable portion, with 2.7%, 1.9%, 1%, and 1%, respectively.

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    Residing in The Annex certainly carries a distinctive economic implication. When one compares the financial requisites of maintaining a lifestyle in this vibrant neighbourhood to the broader context of Toronto, it becomes evident that The Annex demands a cost of living of approximately 34% higher. This distinction becomes even more pronounced on a national scale. Against the backdrop of the country's average, the cost of sustaining oneself in The Annex exceeds by a notable 50%. Such figures underscore the premium nature of this locality and its unique standing in both the city and national landscapes.

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    Mortgage Calculator

    • 0
    • 400k
    • 800k
    • 1.2M
    • 1.6M
    • 2M+
    • 0
    • 6
    • 12
    • 18
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    • 30+
    • 0
    • 6
    • 12
    • 18
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    • 30+
    • $1,267
    • $456,015
    • $206,015

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    ANX Condos - FAQs

    How can I obtain a brochure for ANX Condos ?

    You may visit www.squareyards.ca or the official project website to access and download a copy of the ANX Condos

    Where is ANX Condos located ?

    ANX Condos is at 328 Dupont Street, Toronto, Canada

    Which developer is responsible for ANX Condos ?

    ANX Condos was developed by Freed Developments

    What amenities are available for residents of ANX Condos ?

    Residents of ANX Condos have access to a range of amenities, including laminated flooring, a fully developed kitchen, stone countertops, stainless steel appliances, etc.

    What is the expected completion date of ANX Condos ?

    ANX Condos is projected to be completed by Fall 2023.

    What is the postal code for ANX Condos ?

    The postal code for ANX Condos is M5R 1V9.

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