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Neighborhood Overview

Oakwood-Vaughan, Toronto

Oakwood Vaughan Neighbourhood Overview

Oakwood-Vaughan in Toronto, Ontario, is known for its diverse community and vibrant culture. The neighbourhood offers a highly desirable mix of residential and commercial infrastructure, where properties for residence, businesses and other purposes are easily available. The housing landscape in this area features a mix of older single-family homes, duplexes, and low-rise apartment buildings. The neighbourhood is primarily residential, with many properties being owner-occupied, although there is also a significant proportion of rental units. Over time, it has seen significant growth, with an influx of new residents and businesses contributing to its dynamic atmosphere.

Oakwood Vaughan is well-connected on all sides. On the north, it’s surrounded by  Eglinton Avenue West, Dufferin Street on the West, St. Clair Avenue West on the south and Winona Drive on the east. Interestingly, The northern section of the neighbourhood is known as Five Points, after the intersection of Oakwood Avenue, Vaughan Road, and Belvidere Avenue. The western part, previously referred to as Northcliffe has recently been renamed Northcliffe Village. Toronto’s famous cultural enclave, The Little Jamaica, is also situated on the neighbourhood’s northern border.

Once home to a primarily Italian and Portuguese population, this area reflects its rich heritage through various local businesses, including eateries and speciality stores. The neighbourhood is also celebrated for its annual Oakwood Village Arts Festival, which fosters community engagement through music, art, and theatre. The Oakwood Village Library and Arts Centre is another popular landmark in the area.

Oakwood Avenue, Vaughan Road, Rogers Road, Eglinton Avenue West and St. Clair Avenue West are some key roads. The area is well-served by public transportation, with multiple bus routes enhancing connectivity to other parts of Toronto. For those looking to explore or move to Oakwood-Vaughan, its evolving landscape, coupled with a strong sense of community and diverse cultural offerings, make it an attractive neighbourhood in Toronto.

Livability and Lifestyle of Oakwood Vaughan

Oakwood Vaughan boasts a livability score of 72/100.
Livability 72/100
Amenities A+
Commute A+
Cost Of Living F+
Crime B-
Employment B-
Housing D
Health A+
Schools A-

Apart from high livability ratings, Oakwood Vaughan also features safe living spaces. The neighbourhood showcases positive trends in crime rates. The area features a crime rate which is 23% lower than the national average. Further, violent crime in the neighbourhood are further 20% lower than the national average. Overall, the statistics showcase that the crime rate in Oakwood Vaughan has witnessed a year on year decline by 15%.

Index Oakwood-Vaughn /100k People   Toronto /100k People Ontario /100k People National /100k People
Total crime 3,240 (estimate) 2,915 3,086 4,223
Violent crime 832 (estimate) 748 792 1,042
Property crime 2,408 (estimate) 2,167 2,294 3,181

People and Culture of Oakwood Vaughan

Oakwood Vaughan houses a total population of 23,054. The neighbourhood is known for its diverse character, where residents belong to a wide range of backgrounds. Blacks (14.7%), Filipinos (8.7%), and Latin Americans (7.0%) are some of the prominent minority groups in this area. Immigrants in Oakwood Vaughan primarily belong to the Philippines (8.5%), Portugal (5.2%) and Italy (4.7%). Despite the cultural diversity, the dominant language in this neighbourhood is English. Here is a statistical breakdown of the linguistic diversity:

Statistic Oakwood Vaughan Ontario
English 84.8% 86.1%
French  0.1% 0.3%

The employment landscape of the neighbourhood displays interesting trends. The median household in this area is 15% lower than the national average. At the same time, the unemployment rate is also 36% lower than the national average. The maximum number of people (11.6% of the total population) earn an income of less than $20,000. Here is a detailed look at these trends:

Index Oakwood Vaughan Ontario
Median household Income $70,072 $87,353
Unemployment rate 4.1% 4.2%
In labour force 68.5% 61.7%

Oakwood Vaughan Neighbourhood Nearby

Oakwood Vaughan is one of Toronto’s well-connected neighbourhoods. Multiple other residential and commercial areas are easily accessible from this neighbourhood. Here are some of the closely located ones:

  • Caledonia Fairbank
  • Humewood-Cedarvale
  • Eglinton Avenue West
  • Dufferin Street
  • St. Clair Avenue West
  • Winona Drive


The Oakwood-Vaughan neighbourhood offers a robust educational infrastructure that caters to a diverse student population. It features a variety of public and private educational institutions, including specialised programs to accommodate different learning needs. Here are some top institutes providing quality education, supporting both academic and extracurricular development:

  • Hudson College
  • Hodgson Middle School
  • Oakwood Collegiate Institute
  • Rawlinson Community School
  • J R Wilcox Community School
  • Humewood Community School
  • Forest Hill Collegiate Institute


The Oakwood-Vaughan neighbourhood offers a diverse culinary scene that reflects its multicultural character. Restaurants here serve a wide array of cuisines, including Caribbean, Italian, and Latin American flavours, catering to a variety of tastes and dining preferences. Here are some of the popular options:

  • Restaurant Canadian Caribbean
  • RAP’s
  • Freshii
  • TENOCH Restaurant
  • Aviv Immigrant Restaurant
  • Hungry Jack’s Italian Mediterranean Grill
  • Hot Pot Restaurant
  • Green Restaurant Bar
  • A&W Canada

Shopping Malls

The Oakwood-Vaughan neighbourhood offers a variety of shopping options, ranging from small independent boutiques to larger retail outlets. These shopping venues cater to everyday requirements to indulgent splurges. Some of the popular centres are listed below:

  • Yorkdale Shopping Centre
  • Galleria Shopping Centre
  • Dufferin Mall
  • Lawrence Plaza
  • Westside Mall
  • Lawrence Allen Center


The healthcare infrastructure in the Oakwood-Vaughan neighbourhood includes a range of medical facilities. These encompass family health clinics, specialty medical services, and accessible pharmacies, ensuring comprehensive healthcare coverage for residents of all ages. Here are some closely located options:

  • Unison health and community services
  • Toronto General Hospital
  • Humber River Hospital
  • St. Joseph’s Health Center
  • North York General Hospital
  • Michael Garron Hospital
  • Credit Valley Hospital
  • Vaughan Road Pharmacy
  • Christie Pharmacy

Top Attractions and Places to Visit in Oakwood Vaughan

Oakwood Village Library and Arts Centre

The Oakwood Village Library and Arts Centre is one of the most popular landmarks in theneighbouhood.This facility is not just a library but a vibrant arts hub that hosts various community events and art exhibitions. Less than a kilometre’s distance from the neighbourhoo, it serves as a gathering place for local artists and residents and fostering a sense of community. The centre, thus, plays an important role in enhancing the overall cultural and intellectual landscape of the area.

Fairbank Memorial Park

Fairbank Memorial Park, located near Oakwood-Vaughan, offers a serene escape with its well-maintained green spaces and recreational facilities. It is a popular destination and residents from across neighbourhoods visit the park with their families.  The park features a wide range of amenities, such as sports fields, a children’s playground, and picnic areas. It provides a community focal point for outdoor activities and gatherings, making it an ideal spot for leisure and relaxation throughout the year.

Things to Do in Oakwood Vaughan

Part of Oakwood-Vaughan’s high residential appeal is that it allows ample recreational and community facilities to its residents. Here are some of activities that residents in Oakwood-Vaughan can participate in during their leisure time:

Visit Oakwood Village Library and Arts Center: Soak yourself in the quiet and stimulating atmosphere of Oakwood Village Library. You can visit the center for leisure time reads, educational research or to attend the various cultural events organsied by the center.

Enjoy the Oakwood Village Arts Festival: The festival is oragnsied at the Oakwood Avenue. This vibrant event celebrates the community’s creativity with a range of performances, workshops, and demonstrations suitable for all ages, creating a festive atmosphere in this part of Toronto​.

Explore the Little Jamaica neighbourhood: Feel the Carribean vibes in your Toronto neighbourhood through the various establishments in the Little Jamaican area. Located in the northern part of Oakwood-Vaughan, the vibrant enclave is famous for its authentic Caribbean eateries, music, and shops.

Distance and Commute from Popular Locations

Residents in Oakwood-Vaughan enjoy multiple infrastructural facilities. The prestige of these facilties are further enhanced by their easy accessibility. Here are some of the closely located facilities:

  • Toronto Pearson International Airport is 20.3 kilometres away.
  • Oakwood Village Library and Arts Centre is less than a kilometre away.
  • Fairbank Memorial Park is less than a kilometre away.
  • Restaurant Canadian Caribbean (1 km), Hot Pot Restaurant (1 km) and Aviv Immigrant Kitchen (21. km) are nearby restaurants.
  • Unison Health & Community Services (3.5 km), Toronto General Hospital (7.1 km) and Humber River Hospital (8.6 km) are nearby hospitals.
  • Hodgson Middle School (1 km), Oakwood Collegiate Institute (1.6 km) and Hudson College (2.6 km) are closely located educational institutes.
  • Fairbank Memorial Park is located less than a kilometre away.

Popular Markets in Oakwood Vaughan

The neighbourhood also features numerous local markets. While the shopping malls cater to the retail indulgences of the residents, these markets take care of everyday necessities:

  • St Clair Fruit Market
  • Winona Market
  • All Season Food Market
  • Wychwood Farmers Market
  • Afro Caribbean Farmers' Market
  • Imperial Fruit Market
  • All Season Food Market

Oakwood Vaughan Demographics

The multicultural neighbourhood of Oakwood-Vaughan features a population of 23,054. The neighbourhood features a 120% higher population density than Toronto. The median age in this neighbourhood is also 4% higher than Toronot’s. With 62% married couples and 43% families with kids at home, Oakwood Vaughan boasts a desirable residential environment. Here are some crucial indicators:

Statistic Oakwood Vaughan
Area Code 416
Population 23,054
Population density (sq km) 10,383
Median age 40.9
Male to Female ratio 1.1:1
Married couples 62%
Families with kids at home 43%

Things to Do With Pets and Kids in Oakwood Vaughan

Explore Local Parks: Oakwood-Vaughan boasts several parks ideal for outdoor activities with both pets and kids. Fairbank Memorial Park, Laughlin Park, Graham Park, and Cedarvale Park are some of the many options available in this neighbourhood.

Attend Community Events: The Oakwood Village Arts Festival is one of this neighbourhood's most popular community events. Such events require greater participation, especially from kids, making them ideal recreational activities.

Walking Trails: Take advantage of pedestrian-friendly streets like St. Clair Avenue West, where families can enjoy walks with their pets. Such safe and scenic routes are ideal for leisurely strolls and idle evenings.

Average Cost of Living in Oakwood Vaughan

The average living cost in Oakwood-Vaughan is 1% lower than that of Toronto. However, at a macro level, the average living cost in this neighbourhood is 10% higher than the national average. Housing, utilities and goods & services are some of the costliest sectors of this area. Here is a quick overview:

Index Oakwood Vaughan Toronto Ontario
Cost of living 110 114 111
Goods & Services 108 108 107
Groceries 100 100 101
Health care 103 103 103
Housing 112 126 120
Transportation 107 107 104
Utilities 130 130 119

Real Estate Housing Market of Oakwood Vaughan

The real estate housing market in Oakwood-Vaughan is diverse. It offers a mix of residential properties that cater to a range of buyers and renters. The sale prices in this neighbourhood range from $1.34M-$3.69M, while the rent prices range from $3K-$10k. Oakwood Vaughan is experiencing gradual gentrification, attracting both first-time homebuyers and investor. The properties here also pose a great potential for value appreciation. Further, proximity to key amenities and public transportation options enhances its overall appeal, providing a suburban feel in downtown Toronto.

Location Insights


What is the average sale price of a house in Oakwood-Vaughan?

Sale prices in Oakwood Vaughan range from $1.34M-$3.69M.

What is the average rental cost in Oakwood Vaughan?

Rental prices in the neighbourhood range from $3 K to $ 10k.

Which are some neighbourhoods located close to Oakwood Vaughan?

Eglinton Avenue West, Winona Drive, Caledonia Fairbank, Humewood-Cedarvale, and Dufferin Street are neighbouring areas near Oakwood Vaughan.

What kind of residential properties are available in Oakwood Vaughan?

Oakwood Vaughan offers a range of residential properties. These include detached homes, semi-detached houses, townhouses, and low-rise apartments.

How does Oakwood Vaughan compare to other neighbourhoods in Ontario?

Owing to its fast-paced development and multicultural character, it’s one of the most popular neighbourhoods in the city. Although densely populated, Oakwood-Vaughan features a livability score of 72/100.

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Housing Market in Oakwood-Vaughan

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