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Neighborhood Overview

Rosedale-Moore-Park, Toronto

Rosedale-Moore Park Neighbourhood Overview

Rosedale-Moore Park is one of Ontario’s oldest and wealthiest neighbourhoods. Renowned for its elegant, upscale lifestyle, it provides the residents with exquisite stately properties and excellent living conditions. The neighbourhood is located just north of downtown Toronto and enjoys robust connectivity to the city via Yonge Street and St. Clair Avenue. This posh neighbourhood is characterised by its winding streets, large lots, and an abundance of parks and ravines, including the Moore Park Ravine and Rosedale Valley. These features make Rosedale-Moore Park one of Ontario's most coveted places to live.

The origins of this neighbourhood date back to the 1800s. It gets its name from Mary Jarvis, who used the term Rosedale as a tribute to the wild roses that enveloped her family estate. Even today, Victorian and Edwardian single-family homes dominate the neighbourhood’s real estate landscape. Other options, like luxury condos and townhouses, are also available. Rosedale-Moore Park is also known for its esteemed educational infrastructure. A vibrant academic atmosphere with top-notch schools and colleges makes it a perfect place for families with kids.

Rosedale-Moore Park enjoys a strong community feeling and was, thus, ranked by The Toronto Life magazine as Toronto’s best neighbourhood in 2013. This neighbourhood guide offers an in-depth exploration of this area. Find out Rosedale-Moore Park’s livability index, living costs, demographics and more in this comprehensive guide.

Livability and Lifestyle of Rosedale-Moore Park

Rosedale-Moore Park boasts an excellent living score of 80/100. Here is a quick overview of the various livability indices of this neighbourhood:

Livability 80/100
Amenities A+
Commute A+
Cost Of Living F
Crime A+
Employment A+
Housing F
Health A+
Schools A+

Rosedale-Moore Park’s upscale neighbourhood provides high resident safety. The crime rates in the area are 72% lower than the national average. Residents have a 1 in 86 chance of falling prey to a crime in this area. On a larger level, Rosedale-Moore Park is considered to be around 88% safer than the rest of the neighbourhoods in Ontario. Here is a quick overview:

Index Rosedale-Moore Park /100k People   Toronto /100k People Ontario /100k People National /100k People
Total crime 1,166 (estimate) 2,915 3,086 4,223
Violent crime 299 (estimate) 748 792 1,042
Property crime 867 (estimate) 2,167 2,294 3,181

People and Culture of Rosedale-Moore Park

Rosedale-Moore Park is a wealthy neighbourhood in Toronto. The median household income in the area is 200% higher, while the unemployment rate is 29% lower than the national average. The maximum percentage of the neighbourhood’s population, i.e., 37%, earns an income of $300,000 or more. Here is a detailed overview:

Index Rosedale-Moore Park Ontario
Median household Income $247,008 $87,353
Unemployment rate 4.6% 4.2%
In labour force 58.5% 61.7%

A culturally diverse demographic further characterises the neighbourhood. Chinese (4.8%),  South Asian (3.1%) and Black (1.6%) are its top minority communities. The maximum immigrant population in Rosedale-Moore Park belong to the United Kingdom (4.7%), the United States (3.1%) and China (1.4%). Given below is an overview of the frequently used languages in this neighbourhood:

Statistic Rosedale-Moore Park
English 78.3%
French  0.1%

Rosedale-Moore Park Neighbourhood Nearby

The neighbourhood is located towards the north of downtown Toronto. Easy connectivity to nearby areas makes Rosedale-Moore Park a highly desirable neighbourhood. Some closely located residential areas include:

  • St. James Town
  • Cabbage Town
  • Yorkville
  • Summerhill
  • Deerpark
  • Leaside


Toronto’s Rosedale-Moore Park is renowned for its excellent educational infrastructure. The neighbourhood features a range of public and private schools, where residents get access to quality education. Here are some popular choices:

  • Rosedale Junior Public School
  • Rose Avenue Junior Public School
  • Whitney Junior Public School
  • Bennington Heights Elementary School
  • Rosedale Heights School of Arts


The many restaurants at Rosedale-Moore Park offer a diverse culinary experience. Various culinary choices are available, from Italian to French, gourmet to farm-to-table. Here are some of the neighbourhood’s most famous places to eat:

  • 7 West Cafe
  • Eataly Toronto
  • Terroni
  • Trattoria Nervosa
  • Cafe Boulud
  • Vaticano Restaurant
  • Avant Gout
  • Sorrel

Shopping Malls

Rosedale-Moore Park offers vibrant shopping experiences with many nearby malls. Residents enjoy a vast range of entertainment facilties, from luxury boutiques and premium retail outlets. Here are some of the top malls close to this area:

  • Manulife Centre
  • Yorkville Village
  • Greenwin Square Mall
  • Aura Concourse Shopping Mall


A comprehensive medical infrastructure is set up in and around Rosedale-Moore Park. Residents get many hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, and drugstores nearby. Some of the popular options include:

  • Michael Garron Hospital
  • Toronto General Hospital
  • Rosedale - Moore Park Veterinary Clinic
  • Women’s College Hospital
  • Marshal’s Drug Store
  • Ava Pharmacy
  • Medisystem Pharmacy Inc.
  • Shoppers Drug Mart

Top Attractions and Places to Visit in Rosedale-Moore Park

Moore Park Ravine

Moore Park Ravine is a beloved natural landmark in the neighbourhood, known for its extensive trail network.  This ravine offers a stunning natural environment with dense forests, a meandering creek, and diverse wildlife. It’s a heaven for hikers, cyclists, and nature lovers. Groups of friends and families in Rosedale-Moore Park visit the ravine for outdoor camping and strolls. It's just a little less than three kilometres from the residential blocks of this neighbourhood.

David A. Balfour Park

David A. Balfour Park is a cherished green space in the Rosedale-Moore Park area. The park’s open spaces, wooded areas, and scenic Yellow Creek provide picturesque views. Visitors can access bike trails, a dog fountain, a drinking fountain, a parking lot, a playground, and various other facilities. David A. Balfour Park spans 20.5 hectares and is roughly 2 kilometres from Rosedale-Moore Park.

Things to Do in Rosedale-Moore Park

Visit Rosedale United Church

The exquisite Rosedale Church is nearby. Residents can visit the church to offer prayers and participate in community events with their families.

Play a Game of Tennis

Residents of Rosedale-Moore Park can indulge in a healthy tennis competition at Toronto Lawn or Ramsden Park. Both these facilties are within 2 kilometres of the neighbourhood.

Relish the Neighbourhood’s Historic Architecture

Another great idea is to take strolls in the neighbourhood itself. Walking along its tree-lined streets and exploring Victorian-style homes will only elevate one's fondness for the area.

Distance and Commute from Popular Locations

Residents enjoy quick access to various landmarks from this neighbourhood. Some of the closely located facilities are listed below:
  • Billy Bishop Toronot City Airport is 7.1 km away.
  • Toronto Pearson International Airport is 29.4 kilometres from the neighbourhood.
  • Moore Park Ravine is only 2.9 km from Rosedale-Moore Park.
  • David A. Balfour Park is located 2.2 km away.
  • Toronto Lawn Tennis Club is 1.3 kilometres away from this neighbourhood.
  • Toronto Public Library is 1.6 kilometres away
  • Rosedale Junior Public School is less than a kilometre away.
  • Micheal Garron Hospital is roughly 7 kilometres from Rosedale-Moore Park.
  • 7 West Cafe, Eataly Toronto and Terroni are within 1 kilometre from this neighbourhood.

Popular Markets in Rosedale-Moore Park

Everyday groceries, fruits and vegetables are easily available at the neighbourhood’s bustling local markets. Top choices include;

Summerhill Market

Summerhill Market is a popular grocery store known for its high-quality products and gourmet foods. It offers a wide range of fresh produce, meats, bakery items, ready-to-eat meals, and speciality items. The store is operational all year round from Monday to Sunday. Its hours are 8 am to 8 pm and, on weekends, 9 am to 6 pm.

Loblaws City Market Bloor

Loblaws City Market Bloor is a well-known supermarket chain offering various groceries, household items, and fresh produce. They have an extensive selection of organic and locally sourced products. The store is spacious and well-organised, making it easy for customers to find what they need. It also features a bakery, deli, and pharmacy. It is operational all year round from Monday to Sunday. The timings are from 7 am to 11 pm.

Rabba Fine Foods

Rabba Fine Foods is a neighbourhood grocery store with 24/7 operating hours. It offers diverse groceries, fresh produce, and ready-made meals. Known for its friendly staff and good customer service, Rabba Fine Foods is a go-to spot for quick and easy shopping.

Rosedale-Moore Park Demographics

Rosedale-Moore Park has a total population of 8,267. The neighbourhood is 37% less densely populated than Toronto and boasts a population density of 2,974. Rosedale-Moore Park largely features an older population. The median age in Rosedale-Moore Park is 50.3 years, 28% higher than the rest of Toronto. The neighbourhood features 77% married couples, with 42% of families having kids at home. Here is a quick demographic overview of the neighbourhood:

Statistic Rosedale-Moore Park
Area Code 416
Population 8,267
Population density (sq km) 2,974
Median age 50.3
Male to Female ratio 1.1:1
Married couples 77%
Families with kids at home 42%

Things to Do With Pets and Kids in Rosedale-Moore Park

Rosedale-Moore Park provides a variety of activities for families with pets and children. Here are some options for everyone to enjoy:

Visit the Ramsden Dog Park

This park is less than 3 kilometres from the neighbourhood and offers expansive off-leash areas for dogs and seating spots for owners.

Other Parks

The neighbourhood’s other parks, such as Don Valley Parklands, Beaumont Park, and Craigleigh Gardens, also provide fun-filled outings for kids and pets.

Toronto Library

Spend a quiet afternoon at the Toronto Library. It offers a cosy learning environment where visitors can explore a variety of books and foster a knack for reading.

Average Cost of Living in Rosedale-Moore Park

Living costs are relatively higher in Rosedale-Moore Park. Most residential choices are expensive, while affordable housing options are comparatively few. The cost of living in this neighbourhood is 67% higher than Toronto’s average and 86% higher than the national average. Housing, utilities, goods, and services are some of the costliest segments of this neighbourhood.

Index Rosedale-Moore Park
Cost of living 186
Goods & Services 108
Groceries 100
Health care 103
Housing 366
Transportation 107
Utilities 130

Real Estate Housing Market of Rosedale-Moore Park

Property choices in Rosedale-Moore Park primarily comprise grand single-family homes, historic mansions, elegant townhouses, and luxury condos. These properties showcase opulent Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian architectural styles. The average sale prices of housing properties in Rosedale-Moore Park range from $3.6 million to $22.5 million, while average monthly rental prices range from $5,000 to $17,000. Square Yards offers 100+ properties for sale and 60+ houses for rent in this prestigious neighbourhood.

Location Insights


What is the average sale price of a house in Rosedale-Moore Park?

The average sale prices of housing properties in Rosedale-Moore Park range from  $3.6 million to $22.5 million.

What is the average rental cost in Rosedale-Moore Park?

The average monthly rental prices of housing properties in Rosedale-Moore Park range from $5,000 to $17,000.

Which are some neighbourhoods located close to Rosedale-Moore Park?

St. James Town, Cabbage Town, Yorkville and Summerhill are closely located residential neighbourhoods near Rosedale-Moore Park.

What kind of residential properties are available in Rosedale-Moore Park?

Rosedale-Moore Park is dominated by Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian-style homes. These include grand mansions, luxury condos, townhouses, and single-family homes.

How does Rosedale-Moore Park compare to other neighbourhoods in Ontario?

Rosedale is one of Toronto’s oldest and most desirable neighbourhoods. It features a livability index of 80/100 and offers safe and scenic living environments in Ontario.

Last Updated : 1 Day ago
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25 Scrivener Sq, Toronto, Ontario
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33 Rosedale Rd, Toronto, Ontario
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33 Jackes Ave, Toronto, Ontario
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300 Bloor St E, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 20 Hours ago
38 Avoca Ave, Toronto, Ontario
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53 Clifton Rd, Toronto, Ontario
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220 Rose Park, Toronto, Ontario
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74 Summerhill Ave, Toronto, Ontario
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43 Binscarth Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 10 Days ago
1 Hawthorn Ave, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 4 Days ago
134 Moore Ave, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 15 Days ago
395 Bloor St E, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 5 Days ago
8 Park Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 17 Days ago
8 Hawthorn Ave, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 14 Days ago
409 Bloor St E, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 31 Days ago
18 Elm Ave, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 1 Day ago
53 Clifton Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 2 Days ago
2 Marcella St, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 1 Day ago
300 Bloor St E, Toronto, Ontario

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Little Portugal, Toronto

Little Portugal

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Forest Hill South

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Housing Market in Rosedale-Moore Park

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