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Neighborhood Overview

Trinity-Bellwoods, Toronto

Trinity-Bellwoods Neighbourhood Overview

Trinity-Bellwoods is a popular neighbourhood in Toronto, which is also known as one of the best places to live in Ontario. Trinity-Bellwoods is loved by the residents as it has everything people love. Be it the best schools, retail outlets, cafes, restaurants and houses, you have it all here. The streets here are beautiful with lines of Victorian homes. Every part of the neighbourhood is unique in itself and provides the best to the residents. Trinity-Bellwoods has Bathurst Street on the east, College Street on its north, Queen Street on its south and its west is Dovercourt Road. One of the major attractions of the city is Trinity Bellwoods Park, which is quite close to the residential sections of the community. Trinity-Bellwoods provides its residents with multiple options for houses, and one gets to choose from condos, townhouses and detached homes.

Liveability & Lifestyle of Trinity-Bellwoods

Trinity-Bellwoods has an exceptional liveability score of 75, and it is ranked 159 in Toronto and 1004 in Ontario. As per the scores, it ranks better than 98% of the areas in Ontario. The liveability score is provided based on various factors and the same are listed below:
Liveability 75
Amenities A+
Cost of Living F
Employment C-
Housing C
Schools A-
Let us also have a look at the crime rate in the area, and how safe the locality is. Trinity-Bellwoods has a crime rating of A+, and the crime rate here is 46% less when compared to the national average.  Here are the figures for the Trinity-Bellwoods neighbourhood:
Index Trinity-Bellwoods (/100k people) Ontario (/100k people) National (/100k people)
Total Crime 2287 3,086 4,223
Violent Crime 587(estimate) 792 1,042
Property Crime 1699 (estimate) 2,294 3,181

People & Culture of Trinity-Bellwoods

Trinity-Bellwoods is a vibrant and lively community with friendly people. Known to be one of the best in Toronto, the neighbourhood provides the best of Dundas West and Queen Street. Trinity-Bellwoods Park is one place to meet the warm and friendly residents of the community. Once you are done visiting the park, you will find plenty of activities to do and places to visit in Trinity-Bellwoods. Some of the houses in Trinity-Bellwoods are mostly built from 1180 to 1905. Though these houses are medium size, they have the most fine-looking architecture of the Victorian period. These houses are located on the back or the front streets of Trinity-Bellwoods Park, whereas the larger houses can be seen near the park surroundings. One can find Victorian homes near Shaw Street and some stunning loft buildings that don't fail to catch the attention of the on-goers. Overall, Trinity-Bellwoods is one of the best places to live, in all of Toronto. A look at the employment and unemployment rate here shows that the median income of Trinity-Bellwoods is $97,681, and the community has one of the lowest unemployment rates at 3.4%. About 8.1% of the residents earn less than $20,000 whereas 9.9% of them earn $80,000 to $100,000.
Median Income $97,681
Unemployment Rate 3.4%
Labour participation rate 71.6%
About 73.4% of the people in Trinity-Bellwoods speak English, and only 0.1% of them speak French. About 2.06 of the total population here are South Asians, and 31.59% are Chinese. Hence, the neighbourhood Trinity-Bellwoods has most of the population speaking English.

Top Attractions & Places to Visit in Trinity-Bellwoods

Trinity-Bellwoods is not just exceptional for its residences and restaurants but is a haven for tourists and shoppers. Let us see what the top attractions of the Trinity-Bellwoods location are:

Trinity Bellwoods Park

This is the top attraction of this neighbourhood and is more than just a park to the residents. The park also has tennis courts, a hockey field, picnic tables, a greenhouse and a large community centre.

Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art was founded in the year 1999 and is popular for the group exhibitions held here. The space presents more than 80 exhibits and has exhibits of artists from all over the world.

St. Matthias, Bellwoods

St. Matthias, Bellwoods is a small church, which has a historic significance. The “Bellwoods” hymn tune that we get to hear for "O day of God draw nigh", was originally written by James Hopkirk, a former organist at St. Matthias.

Things to do in Trinity-Bellwoods

The lively community has a lot to offer to its visitors and residents. Let us have a look at some of the things one can do in Trinity-Bellwoods. The neighbourhood is well-established with several restaurants and other attractions.

Enjoy Dinner at a Restaurant

You will find cuisines from all over the world at Trinity-Bellwoods. However, most of the restaurants serve delicacies that you have never had before. So, head over to Ossington Avenue which has some of the best fine-dining restaurants.

Take a Tour of the Local Bar

One way to know more about a community is through its people. You can spend some fun time with your spouse, partner or friends by visiting the local bars in Trinity-Bellwoods. You just don't need to pick one, as most of the bars and breweries here are top-notch.

Explore the Trinity-Bellwoods Park

When in Trinity-Bellwoods, a visit to the park is a must. After your visit, you will find that there are a lot of things you can do here. Trinity-Bellwoods Park has something for everyone. Do visit to check it out yourself.

Distance & Commute from Popular Locations

There are many areas which are located nearby. Some of them are given below for your perusal:
  • Trinity-Bellwoods is located at a very close distance of 650 m from Queens Street
  • It is located at a distance of 26.5 km from the Toronto International Airport.

Popular Markets in Trinity-Bellwoods

Trinity-Bellwoods is quite popular for its farmer's markets which are operated mostly by community volunteers. Some of the best farmers markets one can visit in and around Trinity-Bellwoods. These neighbourhood shops are quite popular here:
  • Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market
  • Wychwood Farmers Market
  • Kennington Market
  • Liberty Village Farmers Market

Trinity-Bellwoods Demographics

Mentioned below are some of the key details about the demographics of Trinity-Bellwoods. The area has 7197 people and also it has a median age of 37.2 as well.
Statistic Trinity-Bellwoods
Area Code 416
Population 7197
Population density (sq km) 9741
Median age 37.2
Male/Female ratio 1:0:1
Married couples 60%
Families w/ kids at home 37%

Things to Do in Trinity-Bellwoods With Kids & Pets

Trinity-Bellwoods has quite a lot of pet-friendly parks and public places, with the Trinity-Bellwoods Park being one of them. Not only does the park have various activities for kids, but also has a section of the park dedicated to dogs. One can find many families visiting the park with pets and kids during the weekends, holidays and evenings.

Average Cost of Living in Trinity-Bellwoods

The average cost of living in Trinity-Bellwoods is calculated based on the national average. The cost of living in Trinity-Bellwoods is 12% more than the Toronto average and 25% more than the national average.
Index Trinity-Bellwoods (out of 100)
Cost of living 125
Goods & Services 108
Groceries 100
Health care 103
Housing 162
Transportation 107
Utilities 130

Real Estate Housing Market of Trinity-Bellwoods

Trinity-Bellwoods has condos, townhouses, detached homes and semi-detached homes, and the average price of a home here is 6% more than that of Toronto. The average home listing price in Trinity-Bellwoods is $1,526,000 approximately. A condo here can cost $794,000 and a townhouse can cost between $1,199,000 to $2,997,999. On average about 26.7% of the homes get sold in less than 21 days. The Trinity-Bellwoods real estate market is a steady one, with high demand for Trinity-Bellwoods houses as well.

Location Insights


What is the average home price in Trinity-Bellwoods Ontario?

The average price of a home in Trinity-Bellwoods is $1,526,000.

How much does a rental home cost in Trinity-Bellwoods Ontario?

The median monthly rent for a house in Trinity-Bellwoods is $4500 per month.

What are nearby neighbourhoods in Trinity-Bellwoods Ontario?

Some of the neighbourhoods close to Trinity-Bellwoods are Waterfront communities, Palmerston-Little Italy and Kensington-Chinatown.

How many homes are for sale in Trinity-Bellwoods?

There are a total of 47 properties for sale in Trinity-Bellwoods.

How quickly are homes selling in Trinity-Bellwoods?

Trinity-Bellwoods has a huge demand for houses, and the listed property gets sold in about 21 days.

Where does Trinity-Bellwoods rank among other Ontario neighbourhoods?

As per the MLS data, Trinity-Bellwoods stands at 93 among the 143 Toronto neighbourhoods.

Last Updated : 5 Days ago
106 Bellwoods Ave, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 10 Days ago
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Last Updated : 3 Days ago
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308 Palmerston Ave, Toronto, Ontario
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28 Fennings St, Toronto, Ontario
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642 Queen St W, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 31 Days ago
817 Dundas St W, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 34 Days ago
1128 Queen St W, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 3 Days ago
587-589 College St, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 26 Days ago
410 Bathurst St, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 2 Days ago
30 Brookfield St, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 105 Days ago
287 Ossington Ave, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 78 Days ago
166 Ossington Ave, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 25 Days ago
19 Fennings St, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 20 Days ago
632 Queen St W, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 3 Days ago
885 Dundas St W, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 5 Days ago
12 Mansfield Ave, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 5 Days ago
12 Mansfield Ave S, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 5 Days ago
261 Markham St, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 7 Days ago
875 Queen St W, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 7 Days ago
875 Queen St W, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 5 Days ago
100 Montrose Ave, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 11 Days ago
367 Euclid Ave, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 4 Days ago
1082 Queen St W, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 17 Days ago
12 Foxley St, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 17 Days ago
367 Euclid Ave, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 21 Days ago
143 Markham St, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 28 Days ago
1050 Queen St W, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 11 Days ago
37 Bellwoods Ave, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 3 Days ago
214 Bathurst St, Toronto, Ontario

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Housing Market in Trinity-Bellwoods

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