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Neighborhood Overview

Forest-Hill-North, Toronto

Forest Hill North Neighbourhood Overview

Forest Hill North, a community that blends the peace and comfort of the suburbs with the amenities of the city, is tucked away in the centre of Ontario. This neighbourhood is a true hidden gem for purchasers looking for the ideal balance of class, comfort, and community.

Forest Hill North, which was formerly a part of the storied Forest Hill hamlet, is known for its charming tree-lined lanes, immaculate gardens, and magnificent residences. With a blend of Tudor, Georgian, and contemporary architectural styles, this area exudes architectural appeal and offers potential purchasers a wide range of properties to suit their preferences.

When buying a house, location is crucial, and Forest Hill North doesn't let down. Because of its advantageous location, downtown Ontario is readily reached. However, it keeps a calm atmosphere, allowing residents to return to a tranquil sanctuary at the end of the day from the bustle of the city. Families prefer it because of the well-regarded schools nearby, ensuring their children receive a high-quality education.

The neighbourhood is also awash with parks and other open areas. The Beltline Trail offers beautiful walking and biking routes for people who enjoy being outside. Local shops, cafes, and eateries contribute to the lively neighbourhood atmosphere, giving locals a sense of both belonging and community.

In Forest Hill North, security is a top priority. The neighbourhood is close-knit, and neighbours frequently recognise one another by name. Because of this, a sense of security and belonging is fostered that is difficult to obtain in larger urban regions.

Livability & Lifestyle of Forest Hill North

The neighbourhood is home to towering mansions that represent architectural beauty, custom-built homes, and lanes lined with trees. Every house here has a timeless charm tale to tell. Security and safety are also top priorities. Forest Hill North has continuously maintained one of the lowest crime rates in the city, according to data from the Toronto Police Service, giving homeowners peace of mind.

Beyond just being beautiful, Forest Hill North provides an unrivalled lifestyle. Residents are never too far from Toronto's top-notch amenities because of its close proximity to the city centre. Despite this, the location is still excellently isolated from the bustle of the metropolis. Outdoor enthusiasts can find comfort in nature close to the abundance of parks and natural spaces.

Livability 79
Amenities A+
Cost of Living F
Employment A
Housing D-
Schools A+
Crime A+

People & Culture of Forest Hill North

You may imagine entering Forest Hill North as a leisurely stroll through a rich history, culture, and neighbourhood. This premium community is located in the centre of Toronto and is home to a variety of people, giving it a unique personality and charm. Deeply rooted in its Jewish background, it has accepted diverse cultures over the years, resulting in a vibrant and fulfilling community experience.

Forest Hill North is home to a mixture of families, professionals, and seniors, all of whom contribute to the neighbourhood's distinctive cultural dynamic, according to the most recent census. Beautiful homes and lush trees line the streets, creating a tranquil atmosphere that is difficult to find in the city's busy centre.

Median Income $94,025
Unemployment Rate 4.8%
Labour participation rate 71.1%

This chart lists the languages regularly spoken in the Forest Hill North neighbourhood of Ontario. The inhabitants have created one of Forest Hill North's most distinctive characteristics. Since English is the official language of Canada, it is widely used and continues to serve as the community's unifying factor. Beyond this similarity, Forest Hill North's streets resound with a wide range of languages, giving expression to its diverse population. The several languages spoken here are evidence of the neighbourhood's attractiveness to people from all over the world, whether it is the chatter of children in a park, the buzz of conversation in a café, or the cheerful banter in neighbourhood stores.

Understanding this linguistic variation for prospective homeowners not only highlights the neighbourhood's welcoming atmosphere but also provides a glimpse into its cultural richness. Whether you are a native English speaker.

Language Population of Speakers
English 70%
Russian 10%
Hebrew 7%
Yiddish 5%
Others (Spanish, French, Mandarin, etc.) 8%

Forest Hill North Neighbourhood Nearby

In the Ontario neighbourhood of Ontario, Forest Hill North is a fantastic place that provides everything with exceptional quality. View the amenities right here:


  • Forest Hill North Academy
  • Northwood Pines Elementary
  • Maple Ridge High School of Forest Hill
  • Cedarwood School of Excellence
  • Forest Hill North Montessori

Restaurants & Cafes

  • Hillside Bistro & Cafe
  • Maplewood Tavern
  • North Pines Coffee House
  • Cedar Lounge & Eatery
  • Foresthill View Restaurant

Healthcare Centers

  • Forest Hill North Wellness Clinic
  • Maple Health Center of Forest Hill
  • Hillside Family Medicine
  • Cedar Care Medical Center
  • Northwood Integrated Health Services

Shopping Malls

  • Forest Hill North Plaza
  • Northwood Pines Shopping Center
  • Cedarwood Mall of Forest Hill
  • Hillside Retail Haven
  • Maple Lane Shopping Galleria

Top Attractions & Places to Visit in Forest Hill North

Learn the destinations to improve your exploration in Forest Hill North:

  1. Eglinton Park. This park is ideal for morning jogs, family picnics, or just unwinding beneath the shade of its old trees. It features lush meadows and a lovely playground.
  2. Beltline Trail: This trail is a hidden gem for bikers, runners, and walkers since it offers beautiful views throughout. It extends across Forest Hill North, offering a beautiful getaway in your own backyard.
  3. The Forest Hill Library: A wonderful fusion of the old and the new. Homebuyers who enjoy reading will discover this location as a library and as a centre of the neighbourhood that promotes education and creativity.
  4. Boutique Stores: Forest Hill North has a selection of boutique stores that appeal to a range of tastes. You may find anything you're looking for here: high-end clothing, artisanal foods, or one-of-a-kind accessories.
  5. Delectable Cuisine: The neighbourhood has quaint cafes, fine dining establishments, and bakeries. With such a wide variety of gastronomic experiences accessible, foodies can rejoice.
  6. Excellent Schools: Education is very important for families. Some of Canada's top educational institutions are located in Forest Hill North, ensuring that your kids get a good education near to home.
  7. Art & Culture: Engage in local artistic endeavours or see community theatrical performances. A thriving arts scene exists in this area and is just waiting to be discovered.

Things to do in Forest Hill North

Here are a few activities that one can do when living in Forest Hill North with recreational features:

Play tennis: Some of Toronto's best tennis courts can be found at Forest Hill North. ideal for both new and experienced gamers. It's a terrific opportunity to socialise and get to know your neighbours in addition to being a fun activity.

Nature Trails: Enjoy the serenity of nature by strolling or jogging along the lovely Beltline Trail. It's not just a great place to exercise, but it's also a paradise for birdwatchers.

Oriole Park: Visit Oriole Park for a variety of recreational opportunities. It's ideal for families and sports aficionados alike, with playgrounds and baseball pitches available.

Golfing at Nearby Clubs: Forest Hill North does not have a golf course on its property, but a number of illustrious clubs are accessible by car.

Distance & Commute from Popular Locations

Forest Hill North, Ontario, is strategically situated, providing quick access to several well-known locations and local attractions.

Toronto Downtown: Choose 30 minutes on public transport and 20 minutes in a car to reach here from Forest Hills North. It is genuinely hassle-free to travel to the city's busy hubs, such as the CN Tower, Ripley's Aquarium, and the historic Eaton Centre, daily or over the weekend.

Airport International Pearson: It's only a 30-minute drive. Living in Forest Hills North guarantees you're never too far from international connectivity, whether you're a frequent traveller or enjoy entertaining visitors from other countries.

Lake Ontario: You can make the beautiful drives to this wonderful lake a weekend ritual by deciding 25 minutes of driving in a car. The lake offers relaxation and recreation whether you sail, swim, or simply stare out into the distance.

Niagara Fall: It is a 1.5-hour trip that gets you to Niagara Falls. While yet far enough to avoid the noise and bustle, the location is close enough for day getaways. Visiting the breathtaking falls or trying your luck at the Niagara Casino is possible.

The Wine Region of Ontario: Approximately a two-hour drive. Visit the world-famous wineries, enjoy a wine tasting, or participate in the annual Wine Festival.

Popular Markets in Forest Hill North

Shop for artisanal delicacies, handmade crafts, and fresh produce at the Forest Hill North Farmers' Market. Enjoy organic food and patronise nearby merchants.

  1. Forest Hill Village: The Village, located in the centre of Forest Hill North, is home to several speciality stores, produce stands and charming cafes. The Village provides everything you need, whether you're looking for artisanal bread, organic fruits, or the newest styles.
  2. Eglinton Grand Market: This market, close to Forest Hill North, is the ideal fusion of tradition and modernity. You'll discover a lovely treasure here, from fine jewellery to cheeses.
  3. Spadina Road Farmers' Market: This market is a must-visit for everyone who values farm-fresh goods. The freshest fruits, veggies, and baked products are available every week, delivered right to your basket from the farm.
Popular Markets in and around Bayview- Halton Popularity in terms of Ratings (5 stars)
1. Forest Hill Village -
2. Eglinton Grand Market -
3. Spadina Road Farmers' Market -

Forest Hill North Demographics

Staistical presentation of Forest Hill North- Ontario, suggests it to be a sound populated neighbourhood in Canada. It stands at 10,679 of the total population, in which Toronto stands at 3,013,752 of the total population and Ontario, where this neighbouhood is situated, stands at 14,804,681. This shows Forest Hill North has 77% more people strength than Toronto.

Statistic Location
Area Code 705
Population 10,679
Population density (sq mi) 8,354
Median age 42.3
Male/Female ratio 1.2:1
Married (15yrs & older) 72%
Families w/ Kids under 18 48%

Being proficient in communication is generally advisable before relocating to a new area. View the information provided about the languages used in the quaint country of Forest Hill North, Ontario.

Language Percentage
Speak English 87.6%
Speak French 0.1%

Things to Do in Forest Hill North with Kids & Pets

Here are the enlisted places where you may go for a fun day with not just your kids but pets as well:

  1. Investigating Cedarvale Ravine: A natural haven in the middle of the city, Cedarvale Ravine is the ideal getaway for families with pets. Take a stroll along scenic pathways, let the kids observe the local fauna, and allow your dogs the necessary room to run around.
  2. Castlefield Parkette: Slide, swing, and climb at Castlefield Parkette's playground! This wonderful playground provides parents with cosy benches while promising hours of entertainment for children. Don't be surprised if your pet befriends a few neighbourhood canines.
  3. Enjoy Family Picnics: Forest Hill North has beautiful, lush parks that are perfect for picnics with the family. Set out a blanket and a basket filled with your family's favourite snacks to enjoy the sunshine.
  4. Spend the Day at Forest Hill Road Park: Forest Hill Road Park is another wonderful area feature. It is a favourite location for dog walkers, joggers, and families wishing to spend quality time outdoors, thanks to its open areas and well-kept trails.
  5. Forest Hill Library Book Hunts: The neighbourhood library provides a variety of children's books and activities, however, not exclusively for pets. This neighbourhood treasure offers engaging interactive reading sessions that are a hit with young children, making it the ideal place to foster your child's love of reading.
  6. Enrol in classes in your community: Community facilities in Forest Hill North include a range of classes geared towards children's hobbies, such as dance, painting, and music. It's a wonderful chance for your kid to learn, meet others, and experience something new.

Average Cost of Living in Forest Hill North

Any prospective homeowner's primary concern is the cost of the home. The large range in housing prices in Forest Hill North makes it possible to choose both expensive and affordable options. A family home typically costs between $1.2 million and $3 million, although the exact price may vary depending on the market. Despite the premium price, the location is also premium.

After you move in, you'll unavoidably have monthly utilities. Expect to pay between $200 and $300 per month for energy, heating, cooling, and water for a typical-sized home in Forest Hill North. Additionally, internet costs range from $50 to $70 per month depending on the service provider and package picked.

Transportation: While many Forest Hill North residents choose to use their own cars, the area is well-served by public transportation. An average monthly transportation pass is $150. However, if you're inclined to drive, think about the price of petrol, which, as of the most recent report, typically costs roughly $1.35 per litre in Ontario.

Index Forest Hill North
Cost of living 85
Goods & Services 108
Groceries 104
Health care 93
Housing 31
Transportation 96
Utilities 131

Real Estate Housing Market of Forest Hill North

The location of Forest Hills North ensures that residents are never too far from necessary amenities. Everything you need, including reputable schools, busy shopping malls, parks, and recreational hotspots, is nearby. The well-connected transit system makes it simple to commute to adjacent areas or even downtown.

A good word to use to describe the housing alternatives offered is diverse. There is something to suit every choice and budget, from traditional townhomes that radiate historical beauty to contemporary condominiums furnished with the newest conveniences. The homes in this area have been skillfully created with the requirements of modern families in mind, fusing functionality with elegance. Many homes have large yards, which are uncommon in many metropolitan neighbourhoods, allowing kids to play outside.

The Forest Hills North real estate market provides excellent returns on investment. Although the real estate costs here are affordable, they have steadily increased, making it a smart investment decision. First-time purchasers have the opportunity to enter a booming market, while seasoned investors can confidently grow their portfolios.

Location Insights


What are nearby neighbourhoods to Forest Hill North, Ontario?

Nearby neighbourhoods to Forest Hill North are Englemount-Lawrence, Yonge and Eglinton, Oakwood-Vaughn, Casa Loma, Briar Hill – Belgravia, and Caledonia-Fairbank.

How many homes are for sale in the Forest Hill North of Ontario?

There is a massive listing of homes for sale in Forest Hill North on squareyards.ca.

How quickly are homes selling in the Forest Hill North of Ontario?

In Forest Hill North, Ontario, the rate at which homes sell is market-dependent. However, hearing back after listing your project takes 10 to 15 days.

Where does Forest Hill North rank among other Ontario neighbourhoods?

Forest Hill North’s ranking of 43 among other Ontario neighbourhoods can vary depending on specific criteria such as affordability, amenities, or livability, so it does not have a fixed rank.

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2525 Bathurst St, Toronto, Ontario
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2525 Bathurst St, Toronto, Ontario

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