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Neighborhood Overview

Lawrence-Park-South, Toronto

Lawrence Park South Neighbourhood Overview

Lawrence Park South, an upscale Toronto community, epitomises subtle residing with its ancient appeal and contemporary-day luxury. Known for its quiet, tree-covered streets and stately homes, the location functions a combination of architectural styles, from conventional Tudor and Georgian to fashionable custom builds. Green areas are abundant, with parks providing serene escapes and leisure activities. Esteemed for its education, the community offers the right of entry to the most efficient schools, attractive to households prioritising educational excellence. Local services beautify the network`s nice of life with boutique shops, connoisseur dining, and comfy cafes. While Lawrence Park South provides a quite residential environment, it continues to provide outstanding connectivity to downtown Toronto, ensuring comfort and accessibility. This community is a testament to state-of-the-art city residing, balancing herbal beauty, network spirit, and concrete comfort.

Livability & Lifestyle of Lawrence Park South

Lawrence Park South has an outstanding livability score of 83 out of 100, considered by many to be excellent. The area showcases a great rating in low crimes, almost 60% less, and a higher cost of living with 46%. With a population of 11,869 and a median age of 41.6 years, Lawrence Park South is celebrated as one of the most welcoming and pleasant residential areas.

Livability 83/100
Amenities A+
Cost of Living F
Crime A+
Employment A+
Housing D+
Schools A+

In Lawrence Park South, crime rates are comfortably below the national norm, with overall crime rates and violent offences being 72% lower and 71%  below national figures, respectively. The odds of falling victim to a crime in this area are slim, at just 1 in 86. When benchmarked against other Toronto cities, Lawrence Park South emerges as 88% safer, underscoring its status as a notably secure community.

The table below briefly compares the Lawrence Park youth crime rate with the national average rate -

Index Lawrence Park South/ 100k People Toronto/ 100k People Ontario/ 100k People National/ 100k People
Total crime 1,166(estimate) 2,915 (estimate) 3,086 4,223
Violent crime 299 (estimate) 748 (estimate) 792 1,042
Property crime 867 (estimate) 2,167 (estimate) 2,294 3,181

People & Culture of Lawrence Park South

Lawrence Park South stands as a testimony to subtle living, wherein the heartbeat of the network beats strongly amidst serene streets. This neighbourhood, famous for its lush parks and meandering creeks, gives a tranquil retreat from the city`s hustle and bustle. It's an area where households grow, friendships flourish, and friends greet each other using names, developing a warm, inclusive atmosphere.

Here, the cloth of the network is woven with threads of shared experiences — from strolls inside the park to lively conversations at neighbourhood cafés. The area's outstanding faculties and colourful neighbourhood agencies are cornerstones of daily life, fostering a feeling of pleasure and belonging. The architectural beauty of Lawrence Park South, with its blend of ancient houses and current touches, mirrors its residents' numerous but harmonious spirit, developing an area wherein way of life and development dance in the best harmony.

Median Household Income


Unemployment Rate


In Labour Force

Most people living in and around Lawrence Park South speak English, whereas using French as a common mode of communication is nearly negligible.
English 81.0%
French 0.1%

Lawrence Park South Neighbourhood Nearby

Lawrence Park South is swiftly rising as a top pick for those looking to put down roots, attracting diverse residents. Its charm appeals to people of all ages, partly thanks to the range of amenities and community offerings. The area is known for its charming, close-knit communities, providing a spectrum of housing choices, including sleek apartments, cosy condos, and single and semi-detached houses. This variety caters to families and solo dwellers searching for a warm, community-focused atmosphere.

Some popular and top-notch schools in the neighbourhood of Lawrence Park South are:
  • Bedford Park Public School
  • ÉÉ Mathieu-da-Costa
  • John Ross Robertson Junior Public School
  • Blythwood Junior Public School
  • Allenby Junior Public School
  • Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute
  • Glenview Senior Public School
  • North Toronto Collegiate Institute
Enjoy a pleasant meal with your family and friends outdoors at restaurants like:
  • Via Allegro Ristorante
  • Numbers
  • Hotel Gelato
  • Ferraro
  • Roberto’s Ristorante Italiano
  • The Abbot On Eglinton
  • Silent H
  • Uncle Betty’s Diner
  • The Monkey Bar and Grill
  • White House Cafe
For shopping and strolling, visitors can visit places like:
  • Lawrence Plaza
  • Lawrence Allen Center
  • Yorkdale Shopping Center
  • Eaton Center
  • Yonge Eglinton Center
  • Victoria Park Avenue
Some of the most popular and efficient healthcare centres in the area include:
  • Sunnybrook Health Services
  • Toronto General Hospital

Top Attractions and Places to Visit in Lawrence Park South

Whether you're pursuing thrilling outdoor activities, enriching cultural experiences, or tranquil spots for relaxation, this town extends a warm invitation to all and boasts diverse offerings. Its eclectic mix of boutiques and dining establishments mirrors its inhabitants' varied cultural heritage. From cosy coffee shops and hometown dining spots to unique retail destinations, there's something to suit every taste and interest. The top attractions in Lawrence Park include the following places:

Yonge Street

This busy street is the beating core of Lawrence Park South, with numerous shopping, dining, and entertainment options. It's a spot where you can walk, shop, and absorb the local culture.​

Lawrence Park

A centrepiece of the neighbourhood, Lawrence Park is a green oasis in the city. With tennis, lawn bowling, and a beautiful strolling garden, it's a favourite spot for active individuals and those seeking a peaceful retreat.

Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens

Named after the composer of "The Maple Leaf Forever," these gardens are a testament to exquisite landscaping and a love for nature. They provide a picturesque setting for leisurely walks and quiet reflection.

George Locke Public Library

Situated at the northwest corner of Lawrence Park, this library is not simply a haven for books but a community hub offering various programmes for all ages, contributing to the neighbourhood's strong sense of community.​

Things To Do in Lawrence Park South

Lawrence Park South, an elite Toronto neighbourhood, combines leisure, culture, and nature. The region provides a variety of activities, from exploring the busy Yonge Street, noted for its dynamic surroundings, to relaxing in the calm Lawrence Park, which has recreational facilities such as tennis courts and a strolling garden. The neighbourhood's boutiques and cafés, including The Coop Ink for handmade apparel and Shoushin for superb sushi, will appeal to shoppers and foodies alike. With their planted beauty, the Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens are an ideal break for those seeking peace. The Ashtanga Yoga Centre also offers classes for people of all skill levels interested in wellness. The area represents a well-rounded lifestyle with its range of activities and attractions.​

Distance & Commute Time from Popular Locations

It is easy and handy to tour Lawrence Park South. There are 155 transit stops, which additionally consist of different transportation. Residents typically decide upon journeying through private vehicles; 33% of people prefer taking transit, the vehicle rating is 56%, the walk score is calculated to be 8%, and the bike score is 8%. 88% of people commute in the city, while 12% commute to another city.

  • The neighbourhood consists of several entertainment and leisure facilities.
  • There are 3 playgrounds, 2 rinks, 6 tennis courts, 2 sports fields, 1 botanical garden, 2 trails for long strolls, and several more to keep the residents happy.
  • The nearest airport to Lawrence Park South is Pearson International Airport.

Popular Markets in Lawrence Park South

Here is a list of popular market destinations in and near Lawrence Park South:

Mount Pleasant Road Market

Mount Pleasant Road is the neighbourhood's retail hub, with various local shops catering to residents' needs. There are fashion boutiques with the newest trends, children's stores with toys and clothes, sporting goods stores for fitness fanatics, gift shops for special occasions, bakeries with fresh pastries and bread, and coffee cafes where locals can relax and meet up with friends.

Leslieville Farmers' Market

Located in Greenwood Park, this Sunday market has a variety of exhibitors selling fresh produce, artisanal products, and more. It's noted for its communal spirit, which includes music and children's programmes.

Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market

This market is known for its high concentration of organic-certified vendors. It offers diverse produce and goods in one of the city's beloved parks.

Sorauren Farmers' Market

A weekly Monday market that promotes local, sustainable agriculture and fosters a strong community atmosphere. It offers a range of organic and sustainably grown produce.

Demographics of Lawrence Park South

The population statistics for the Lawrence Park South neighbourhood are given below -
Statistics Lawrence Park South
Area Code 647, 416
Population 11,869
Population density (sq km) 5,068
Median age 41.6
Male/Female ratio 1:1:1
Married couples 81%
Families w/ kids at home. 57%

Fun Things to Do in Lawrence Park South with Kids

Lawrence Park South is a circle of relatives- a pleasant enclave brimming with sports that pride each youngster, mother, and father. Picture taking walks via the plush greenery of Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens, wherein children can discover nature trails. The neighbourhood`s playgrounds, like Cheltenham Park, are colourful hubs of laughter wherein youngsters can swing, slide, and make new friends. For those searching for indoor fun, the neighbourhood libraries provide enticing tale instances and craft classes that spark younger imaginations. Don't omit the danger of chilling off in the summertime season on the network pools, wherein your circle of relatives recollections are made with each splash. Lawrence Park South is not only a place; it is a network wherein each road and park is an invite for its own circle of relative's adventure, fostering a feeling of togetherness and growing loved adolescence recollections.

Average Cost of Living in Lawrence Park South

Are you thinking about buying your first home? Lawrence Park South is the perfect spot for you. It's not just about finding a place to live; it's about discovering a community where you can lay down roots, make lifelong friends, and be part of something special. The houses here are more than just structures; they're future homes where memories will be made, all offered at prices that won't make you wince.

Regarding the cost of living, consider 100 as the middle ground of the national average. In Lawrence Park South, the cost of living is 50% higher than Toronto's average and 67% higher than the national average. It also has 202% higher housing than Toronto's total average and is equal to the national average.

Index Lawrence Park South
Cost of living 167
Goods & Services 108
Groceries 100
Health care 103
Housing 302
Transportation 107
Utilities 130

Real Estate Housing Market of Lawrence Park South

The real estate scenario of Lawrence Park South's neighbourhood consists of various house types. It has a consistent population, and 36% homes have been moved recently and 12% just in the last year. With several amenities in and near this area, it is a great place to invest in a home in. There are sufficient transit spots and a mix of older and newer homes. One can get a new home in the neighbourhood of Lawrence Park South starting for $389,900 and going up to $619,900 - $1,343,900. For sale pricing starts from $389,000 and for rent the monthly rest starts from $1,800. For more information, log on to www.squareyards.ca.

Location Insights


What is the average home price for sale in Lawrence Park South?

On average, the price of a home on sale in Lawrence Park South is $389,000.

Due to frequent fluctuations in the real estate market, you are advised to visit www.squareyards.ca for more information.

What are the nearby neighbourhoods of Lawrence Park South?

Some popular neighbourhoods near Lawrence Park South are Laytton Park, Lawrence Park North, Allenby, Caribou Park and Forest Hill North.

How quickly are homes selling in Lawrence Park South?

Lawrence Park South is quite popular for families of different ethnicities. It showcases popular spots that the public is looking for, and it is expected to sell out sooner than expected.

How much does a rental home cost in Lawrence Park South?

The average starting price for a rental home in Lawrence Park South starts from approximately $1,800 per month.

What is the number of homes for sale in Lawrence Park South?

Housing in the neighbourhood ranges from expensive to affordable and is available for sale and rent at Lawrence Park South.

Where does Lawrence Park South rank among other Ontario neighbourhoods?

In Toronto, Lawrence Park South stands out among Ontario’s neighbourhoods as a popular spot for families and a great choice for those who want a comfortable place to live.

Last Updated : 5 Hours ago
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49 Weybourne Cres, Toronto, Ontario
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1472 Avenue Rd, Toronto, Ontario
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1472 Avenue Rd, Toronto, Ontario
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1472 Avenue Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 11 Days ago
1472 Avenue Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 17 Days ago
1352 Mount Pleasant Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 6 Days ago
99 Chatsworth Dr, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 5 Days ago
1 Strathgowan Ave, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 36 Days ago
2770 Yonge St, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 3 Days ago
538 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 154 Days ago
2837 Yonge St, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 49 Days ago
2594 Yonge St, Toronto, Ontario

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