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Neighborhood Overview

Dorset-Park, Toronto

Dorset Park Neighbourhood Overview

The Dorset Park neighbourhood is in Toronto’s western part of the district of Scarborough. Highway 401 to the north, Midland Avenue to the east, Lawrence Avenue to the south, and Birchmount Road to the west are the neighbourhood's boundaries. Dorset Park gives access to parkland in the south and many corporate offices and railway lines in the north. Dorset Park has a good mix of commercial, residential, industrial and recreational areas. The neighbourhood has a healthy mix of high-rise apartments and townhouses and is populated by young professionals and families from various backgrounds and cultures. The neighbourhood's multicultural atmosphere is reflected in its population, with a rich blend of ethnicities and languages contributing to the vibrant tapestry of the community. The neighbourhood's proximity to natural spaces is an attractive feature. The natural surroundings offer residents a chance to escape the urban hustle and bustle and enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and picnics. Commercially, Dorset Park provides residents with essential amenities and services. Local shops, grocery stores, and restaurants cater to everyday needs. The nearby commercial districts are reputed employment hubs, restaurants and shopping spaces. Transportation options are well-connected, with public transit routes serving the area. Buses and subway stations facilitate easy access to the broader city, making commuting and exploring other parts of Toronto relatively convenient.

Livability & Lifestyle of Dorset Park

Dorset Park offers a range of housing options, from high-rise apartments to townhouses, accommodating different family sizes and lifestyles. Dorset Park has a livability score of  74 on 100. The neighbourhood has a good walk and transit score. A table representing the livability and lifestyle of Dorset Park is given below.
Livability 74
Amenities A+
Cost of Living D+
Employment C+
Housing A
Schools B+
Crime Rate C
Most Dorset Park has a significantly lower crime rate because the area is home to a middle and upper middle class. A table showing the crime rate details of Dorset Park is mentioned below.
Index Dorset Park Toronto Ontario National
Total Crime 3,728 2,915 3,086 4,223
Violent Crime 957 748 792 1,042
Property Crime 2,771 2,167 2,294 3,181

People and Culture of Dorset Park

Dorset Park is a microcosm of cultural diversity, with a tapestry of people from various backgrounds seamlessly woven into its vibrant fabric. The Flemington Park neighbourhood is well-developed. The area is home to several expatriates. Dorset Park is populated by several students, small families and young professionals. The table shows the basic income and household data for Dorset Park.
Index Flemington Park Toronto Ontario
Median Household Income $70,650 $81,376 $87,353
Unemployment Rate 5.0% 4.8% 4.2%
In Labour Force 63.5% 65.5% 61.7%
English is more prominent in Flemington Park than French. The table shows the comparison of English-speaking and French-speaking individuals.
Language Dorset Park Toronto Ontario
Speak English Only 89.9% 85.9% 86.1%
Speak French Only 0.1% 0.1% 0.3%

Dorset Park Neighbourhood Nearby

The neighbourhood offers amenities like schools, colleges, grocery stores, top restaurants, and hospitals that are just a stone's throw away. You can easily access most of these locations on foot.


There are several schools in the Dorset Park neighbourhood. Some of them are mentioned below.
  • Ellesmere-Statton Public School
  • Glamorgan Junior Public School
  • Edgewood Public School
  • St. Victor Catholic School
  • Donwood Park Public School


Dorset Park has some of the best restaurants in town. You can choose from various cuisines and your comfort food franchise.
  • Just Love Restaurant
  • Lucile’s Restaurant and Grocery
  • Fusion Restaurant and Lounge
  • Borrowing Owl Corp
  • Mishkas Restaurant and Bar

Shopping Malls

  • Scarborough Town Center
  • Kennedy Commons
  • Kennedy and Ellesmere Plaza
  • Agincourt Mall


  • Scarborough Health Network - Birchmount Hospital
  • Scarborough Health Network - General Hospital
  • Scarborough Health Network - Centenary Hospital
  • North York General Hospital
  • Michael Garron Hospital

Top Attractions and Places to Visit in Dorset Park

There is a lot for people to do in Dorset Park. There are many places you can visit with your friends and family. Some of them are listed below.

Thomson Memorial Park

The park is an amazing option for an evening stroll with your dog and family. It is vast and has lots of benches to relax on.

Scarborough Museum

Scarborough Museum is an interactive science museum. The centre appeals to people of all ages. There are around 500 exhibits for visitors. The museum is open between 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

CN Tower

CN Tower is a tall, distinguished landmark, a 553-meter skyscraper with a glass floor and a rotating restaurant offering panoramic views.

Things to Do in Dorset Park

Embarking on family-friendly adventures in Dorset Park is a delightful experience for kids and pets alike. Here are some enjoyable activities: Explore Parks and Playgrounds: Dorset Park features charming parks and playgrounds where kids can run, play, and socialise. These spaces often welcome furry companions, making it a perfect opportunity for pets to enjoy outdoor time. Visit Pet-Friendly Cafés: Discover pet-friendly cafés where you can savour coffee or a treat while your four-legged friend joins you. It's a wonderful way to relax and bond in a comfortable environment. Attend Community Events: Keep an eye out for family-oriented community events, such as street fairs and festivals, often including activities for kids and pets. These gatherings create a lively atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Dine at Pet-Friendly Eateries: Littlе Portugal offеrs pеt-friеndly еatеriеs that catеr to both human and furry appеtitеs. Enjoy a mеal outdoors with your pеt by your sidе, making for a plеasant dining еxpеriеncе for thе wholе family. Take Walking Tours: Engage in guided walking tours of the neighbourhood, learning about its history, culture, and hidden gems. Many tours welcome kids and well-behaved pets, adding an educational twist to your exploration.

Distance and Commute from Popular Locations

Schools, food stores, hospitals, and numerous employment centers near Dorset Park. The neighbourhood is home to various parks, museums, dining options, and other amenities. The following list includes a few of the important places around Dorset Park.
  • Toronto Pearson International Airport is 31 kilometres from Dorset Park.
  • The University of Toronto (St. George Campus) is 21 kilometres away.
  • Tindale University is 14 kilometres away from Dorset Park.
  • Scarborough Town Centre is 3 kilometres away from the neighbourhood

Popular Markets in Dorset Park

Dorset Park doesn't have large markets within its immediate vicinity, and some nearby options for shopping and markets are mentioned below.

Piara Bazar

This simple and small market offers the residence to shop for numerous baby products making it easy for people to lead a convenient life.

Street Eats Market

This market offers a variety of street food stalls and restaurants to anyone who would like to explore the dine-out option in Dorset Park.

Anush Market

This grocery store chain is located nearby and offers various groceries, fresh produce, household items, and more. It's a convenient place for residents to do their regular shopping.

Scarborough Farmer’s Market

Keep an eye out for local farmers' markets and community events that might take place around the Dorset Park neighbourhood. These events often offer fresh produce, handmade goods, and a chance to support local vendors.

Caruso’s Fruit Market

It is a famous supermarket in the neighbourhood for supply of good and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Dorset Park Demographics

The population density of Dorset Park is 48% more than Toronto, while the median age is 7% higher than Toronto. The neighbourhood has 37.35% of the South Asian population and  11.81% of is West Asian population. The demography table of Dorset Park is given below.
Statistic Dorset Park Toronto Ontario
Population 24,508 3,013,752 14,804,681
Population density (sq km) 5,069 4,712 15
Median age 40.4 39 41
Male/Female ratio 1.1:1 1.1:1 1.0:1
Married couples 70% 67% 71%
Families w/ kids at home 50% 44% 46%
Speak English only 89.9% 85.90% 86.10%
Speak French only 0.1% 0.10% 0.30%

Things to Do in Dorset Park with Kids & Pets

There is a lot to do for kids and pets in Dorset Park. Some of them are listed below.

Edithvale Community Centre

Edithwale Community Centre has a pool, gym, and playground open to the public. Various programs and activities are offered for kids and adults, such as swimming lessons, yoga, and dance classes.

Dorset Park Library

Toronto Public Library has a large children's section with books, toys, and games. There are also storytime programs and other such events for kids throughout the week.

Off-Leash Dog Park

Take your dogs out for a reunion with their friends in this off-leash dog park. Dorset ParkDog Park will soon become your dog's favourite hangout spot!

Average Cost of Living in Dorset Park

The cost of living in Dorset Park is 3% and 30% less than the Canadian and Toronto average, respectively. The cost of goods and services is 8% higher, while the cost of housing is 30% less than the national average. The state tax in Ontario is 33% higher than the national average, and the income tax is 40% less than the Canadian average. A table shedding light on the cost of living in Dorset Park is given below.
Index Dorset Park Toronto Ontario
Cost of living 97 114 111
Goods & Services 108 108 107
Groceries 100 100 101
Health care 103 103 103
Housing 70 126 120
Transportation 107 107 104
Utilities 130 130 119

Real Estate Housing Market of Dorset Park

Housing in Dorset Park is more affordable than most of the surrounding regions. Condos, townhouses, and detached and semi-detached homes are available for rent and purchase. Since the volatile real estate climate, the prices differ depending on the real estate market when you want to purchase or rent your home.

Location Insights


What is the average home price in Dorset Park, North York?

In August 2023, the median list price of residences in Scarborough, Ontario, was $800,304, down from $850,630 in July 2023, showing a monthly decline of 5.92%.

How much does a townhouse cost in Dorset Park, North York?

On average, a townhouse costs around $799,000 in Dorset Park, New York.

What are nearby neighbourhoods to Dorset Park, North York?

Don Mills, Lawrence Park, Willowdale, Northwood Park, Thorncliffe Park, and Flemingdon Park are neighbouring areas of Dorset Park.

How many homes are for sale in Dorset Park?

There are 27 houses for sale in Dorset Park.

How quickly are homes selling in Dorset Park?

Due to cheap housing in Flemingdon Park, houses are being sold and rented out quickly.

Last Updated : 2 Days ago
132 Mike Myers Dr, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 6 Days ago
301 Prudential Dr, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 5 Days ago
81 Cornwallis Dr, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 6 Days ago
4 Valerie Rd, Toronto, Ontario

4 Valerie Rd Dorset Park,Toronto,Ontario

  • 2 Bd
  • 3 Ba
  • sq-ft
Last Updated : 7 Days ago
100 Prudential Dr, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 3 Days ago
1174 Kennedy Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 8 Days ago
1095 Ellesemere Rd W, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 9 Days ago
2 Glamorgan Ave, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 7 Days ago
18 Mondeo Dr, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 1 Day ago
2550 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 4 Days ago
2550 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 6 Days ago
67 Wye Valley Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 16 Days ago
120 Dundalk Dr, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 2 Days ago
2550 Lawrence Ave, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 3 Days ago
100 Dundalk Dr, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 6 Days ago
18 Mondeo Dr, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 8 Days ago
18 Mondeo Dr, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 1 Day ago
880 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 1 Day ago
880 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 16 Days ago
48 Jenkinson Way, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 29 Days ago
8 Mondeo Dr, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 22 Days ago
1950 Kennedy Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 49 Days ago
83 Cornwallis Dr, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 2 Days ago
37 Antrim Cres, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 9 Days ago
100 Prudential Dr, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 49 Days ago
2 Antrim Cres, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 43 Days ago
1225 Kennedy Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 49 Days ago
880 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 2 Days ago
37 Antrim Cres, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 10 Days ago
109 Carrera Blvd, Toronto, Ontario

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