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Neighborhood Overview

Centennial-Scarborough, Toronto

Centennial-Scarborough Neighbourhood Overview

Centennial Scarborough is a serene neighbourhood of Toronto that blends peaceful living with urban amenities. The area provides residents with excellent living conditions, a high quality of life, and quick access to the town’s centre. It is well-connected with other parts of the town via its major roads: Kingston Road, Port Union Road, and Highway 401.

The area boasts extensive green landscapes and quick waterfront access, making it perfect for daily morning walks and small family gatherings. These green spaces are complemented by well-maintained jogging and biking trails, which promote the well-being of residents. The neighbourhood gets its name from the 1967 Centennial celebration of Canada's Confederation when the area just had a couple of rural settlements and farms. Today, the area has expanded into a residential community where most people live in single-detached and row houses.

The area does not have many low—or high-rise apartment buildings, and most properties are a mix of newer and older homes. The locality also boasts numerous schools, hospitals, shopping centres and entertainment zones, making the lives of its residents much more convenient and comfortable. Here is a detailed neighbourhood guide for Centennial Scarborough that provides better information on the locality’s livability index, population, living standards and costs.

Livability Index & Lifestyle of Centennial Scarborough

Centennial Scarborough is a beautiful Toronto locality with an exceptional livability index of 79/100. Here are some of the other metrics of the neighbourhood:

Livability 79
Amenities B-
Commute A+
Cost of Living F
Crime B+
Employment A+
Housing A+
Health A+
Schools A+

Centennial Scarborough is a relatively safe neighbourhood with only a 1 in 33 chance of being a victim of a crime. Residents don’t have to fret about their safety, as the crime rates in the area are 27% lower than the national average, and violent crimes are reduced by up to 24%. This makes Centennial Scarborough 41% safer than other parts of Ontario.

Index Centennial Scarborough /100k People Toronto/100k People Ontario/100k People National/100k People
Total crime 3,072 (estimate) 2,915 3,086 4,223
Violent crime 789 (estimate) 748 792 1,042
Property crime 2,283 (estimate) 2,167 2,294 3,181

People and Culture of Centennial Scarborough

Centennial Scarborough offers excellent employment opportunities to its residents, with the median household income being 13% higher than the national average. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate in this area is more than 20% lower than the national average, and only 5.1% of residents earn an income of less than $20,000. About 12.1% of the population earns between $80,000 and $100,000, with the maximum number of people being employed by wholesale and retail services and the education and health sector. Only 3.5% of the citizens live a high-quality lifestyle by earning an income of more than $300,000.

Index Centennial Scarborough Toronto Ontario
Median household income $93,268 $81,376 $87,353
Unemployment rate 5.1% 4.8% 4.2%
In labour force 62.5% 65.5% 61.7%

Centennial Scarborough holds a high population density, with people of many cultures and nationalities living together. Almost 10.58% of the population comes from a South Asian background, while 6.58% of citizens are African Americans. The neighbourhood also hosts many Chinese, Latin American and Filipino families, accounting for more than 3% of the population.

Speak English 89.4%
Speak French 0.1%

Centennial Scarborough Neighbourhood Nearby

Centennial Scarborough is an extremely popular neighbourhood offering excellent residential options and urban amenities. Residents also don’t need to spend much on transportation, as many schools, hospitals, and shopping malls are within walking distance of residential complexes. Here are a few of the neighbourhoods located near the locality:

  • Guildwood Village
  • Rouge Hill
  • Malvern
  • Highland Creek
  • West Hill


Centennial Scarborough boasts numerous highly accredited schools known for their excellent results and ample extracurricular activities. These include:

  • Queen’s Collegiate
  • Seneca School
  • Broadacres Junior Public Schools
  • Hollycrest Middle School
  • Mother Cabrini Catholic School
  • Mill Valley Junior School


The following restaurants in Centennial Scarborough are perfect dining options for family, friends and children. They often perform live gigs and host private parties for the residents of the locality:

  • Amigos Restaurant
  • Rouge Kitchen
  • Thai Square
  • Malt N Salt Fish & Chips
  • Town Wings

Shopping Malls

The following shopping malls offer a huge variety of products to the residents of Centennial Scarborough at affordable prices. These include home decor items, luxury amenities, and essential services:

  • Ravine Park Plaza
  • Maystone Plaza
  • Cedar Heights Plaza
  • Morningside Crossing
  • Smart Centres Pickering


Centennial Scarborough has numerous health clinics and hospitals that follow modern medicinal methods to treat patients and are well-equipped for emergency cases. Some of the hospitals within walking distance are:

  • Centenary Hospital
  • General Hospital
  • Markham Stouffville Hospital
  • Birchmount Hospital
  • North York General Hospital

Top Attractions and Places to Visit in Centennial Scarborough

Although Centennial Scarborough is not a tourist destination spot, it has multiple attractions that are cheap and safe for local residents. These include:

Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo houses over 5,000 animals from 450 species and is the best family vacation spot in the area. Children and adults can participate in educational programs, seasonal events, and guided tours of themed areas, such as the African Savanna and Tundra Trek. The zoo also has many nearby restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines.

Pickering Museum Village

Pickering Museum Village offers a glimpse into the past of Canada’s culture with its historic buildings and engaging activities. These include interactive exhibits, traditional crafts, and guided tours to bring history back to life. Guests can also dine at nearby eateries, making it the perfect place for a day out with family.

Pride of Canada Carousel

Pride of Canada Carousel in Markham offers a spectacular ride filled with Canadian-themed sculptures and vibrant art exhibitions. This is a fun place for people of all ages and is also enjoyed by art enthusiasts who want to combine learning with fun activities. Guests can enjoy the carousel and shop at the nearby retail outlets, which makes it a memorable and enriching experience for a day out with friends.

Things to Do in Centennial Scarborough

Residents of Centennial Scarborough, Toronto, enjoy numerous cheap recreational activities that people of all ages can enjoy. These include:


Centennial Scarborough of Toronto offers various dining options to residents. These include multi-cuisine meals prepared by the best chefs at affordable prices. Some of these places include the Amigos Restaurant, Rouge Kitchen and Thai Square.


The Centennial Park Golf Centre has 3 great 9-hole courses for amateurs and professional golfers. Residents of Centennial Scarborough can easily enjoy private tournaments in the area and witness many corporate game leagues.


Centennial Scarborough has numerous green landscapes and gardens where residents can hike and play with their furry friends. Some of these places even offer recreational activities, such as the Scarborough Bluffs Trail, a prime picnic spot for families and home to many species of birds.

Distance and Commute from Popular Locations

Centennial Scarborough is located close to many popular landmarks and attractions. These include:
  • Port Union Waterfront Park is 3 minutes away
  • Colonel Danforth Park is 6 minutes away
  • Toronto Zoo is 9 minutes from the neighbourhood
  • Cathedral Bluffs Park is roughly 16 minutes from Centennial Scarborough
  • East Point Park is 8 minutes away

Popular Markets in Centennial Scarborough

Centennial Scarborough, Toronto, offers its residents numerous local markets and malls. These shopping centres offer a wide range of products, such as home convenience and home decor items.

Malvern Town Centre

Open from 09:00 am to 07:00 pm every weekday, the Malvern Town Centre is a popular shopping destination for Centennial Scarborough residents. The store includes fashion boutiques, electronics stores, and even dining options.

Agincourt Mall

The Agnicourt Mall of Centennial Scarborough is a great shopping and leisure spot that stays open every weekday between 10:00 am and 09:00 pm. The store offers almost everything you need, from setting up a new home to renovating an old one. It also has several restaurants.

U of T’s Scarborough Farmer’s Market

U of T’s Scarborough Farmer’s Market offers freshly produced food products, artisanal goods, and local delicacies every Wednesday from 11:00 am to 03:00 p.m. This market is very popular among the students of the University of Toronto's Scarborough campus and supports the local vendors.

Centennial Scarborough Demographics

Centennial Scarborough is one of the prime residential areas of Toronto, surrounded by lush green gardens and gorgeous waterfalls. The locality is home to people of many ethnicities, including Filipinos, African Americans, Chinese and Filipinos. The key demographics are:

Statistic Centennial Scarborough
Area Code 416
Population 13,999
Population density (sq km) 2849
Median age 46.4
Male/Female ratio 1.1:1
Married couples 71%
Families with kids at home 47%

Things to Do With Kids & Pets In Centennial Scarborough

Centennial Scarborough, Toronto, is an extremely safe locality that is well-suited for raising kids and pets. Here are some of the places where you can play with your kids and furry friends without having to worry about anything:

The Fun Factory Indoor Playground and Party Centre

The Fun Factory Indoor Playground and Party Centre is a vibrant playground with slides, climbing structures, and ball pits. It is designed to engage and entertain kids of all ages. The place is perfect for a kids’ party, ensuring the safety of children and giving a worry-free experience to both kids and parents.

East Point Park

East Point Park is known for its scenic views and natural beauty. With many walking trails, bird-watching spots and picnicking areas, residents of Centennial Scarborough can engage in many outdoor activities in the park along with their on-leash dogs and other pets. This is also a good picnic spot for children and for celebrating birthday parties.

Great Lakes Waterfront Trail

The Great Lakes Waterfront Trail is a beautiful path for walking, cycling, and enjoying nature, offering picturesque views of the waterfront. The trail promotes the well-being of the locals and is a favourite visiting spot for dog owners. You will also see many families with children playing near the gardens and watching the wildlife.

Average Cost of Living in Centennial Scarborough

Residents of Centennial Scarborough enjoy a 7% lower cost of living than the neighbouring communities of Toronto and also pay 8% reduced housing costs than the national average. Here is the data that represents the average cost of living in the locality, given that the median expenses incurred is $100.

Index Centennial Scarborough
Cost of living 104
Goods & Services 108
Groceries 100
Health care 103
Housing 92
Transportation 107
Utilities 130

Real Estate Housing Market of Centennial Scarborough

Most properties in Centennial Scarborough are spacious detached homes and row houses with front lawns and backyards, reflecting a mix of older and newer constructions. Due to its prime location near many parks, waterfalls, shopping centres and attraction spots, the area is highly sought after. Home prices range from approximately $1.5 to $8.50 million, depending on the property type and size. Meanwhile, the monthly rental costs for these homes range from $3K to $6K.

Location Insights


What is the average sale price of a house in Centennial Scarborough?

The average sale price of houses in Centennial Scarborough is between $1.5 and $8.50 million.

Which neighbourhoods are close to Centennial Scarborough?

The neighbourhoods closest to Centennial Scarborough are Highland Creek, West Hoill and Guildwood.

What kind of home can I buy in Centennial Scarborough?

You can buy single-detached and row houses in Centennial Scarborough.

How does Centennial Scarborough compare to other neighbourhoods in Ontario?

Centennial Scarborough is better than 98% of areas in Toronto, ranking 134 in the city itself and 400 in Ontario.

Are rental houses expensive in Centennial Scarborough?

The average rental cost of Centennial Scarborough property is $3K and $6K.

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Last Updated : 60 Days ago
6525 Kingston Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 157 Days ago
35 Holmcrest Tr, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 50 Days ago
375 Lawson Rd, Toronto, Ontario

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