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Neighborhood Overview

New-Toronto, Toronto

New Toronto Neighbourhood Overview

The former municipality of New Toronto is situated in Toronto Southwest, close to Lake Ontario. A group of Toronto merchants who had recently visited Rochester, New York, founded New Toronto in 1890 with the intention of making it an industrial hub. The newest township to be a part of the New Toronto was Etobicoke. It was one of the former "Lakeshore Municipalities" that were united into the Borough of Etobicoke before being subsequently integrated into Toronto from 1913 to 1967, when it was a separate municipality. In 1890, Alexander McRoberts, from Mimico Real Estate Security Co., registered the first plan for what became New Toronto. It covered an area from Lakeshore Road to Commercial Street, extending Mimico's layout. The streets were organised: 1st to 7th for homes, both sides of 8th for industries, even with an innovative railway track on 8th Street. However, Toronto prohibited freight trains on city streets due to track differences. There are many well-known sights in New Toronto, and getting around is simple. Because of how close these locations are to one another, travel is convenient. Take public transit to get there quickly and economically, like a bus, rail, or automobile. You won't need to spend a lot of time on transportation because commute times are often fair. There are many enjoyable things to do in New Toronto, Ontario. On hot days, you may cool yourself at the fun New Toronto Splash Pad. The stunning Thomson Memorial Park has a playground and strolling paths.

Livability and Lifestyle of New Toronto

New Toronto has an outstanding livability rating and offers a lovely neighbourhood setting. High Park, the CN Tower, and the Royal Ontario Museum are examples of the neighbourhood's vital amenities and recreational opportunities. The area, which is surrounded by fast food joints and commercial centres, is a popular spot to see some of Toronto's most majestic autumnal foliage.
Livability 74
Amenities A+
Commute A+
Cost Of Living F
Crime C+
Employment C-
Housing D-
Health A+
Schools A
The data is similar to a livability scorecard that evaluates numerous facets of a certain location or community. Each factor is given a grade, ranging from A+ (excellent) to F (poor), to indicate how well it performed in that specific category. The area has a livability score of 74, meaning it is usually considered livable.
Index New Toronto Toronto Ontario National/100k People
Total crime 3,407 2,915 3,086 4,223
Violent crime 875 748 792 1,042
Property crime 2,532 2,167 2,294 3,181
Numerous crime elements cover all crimes that entail violent or property crimes. Violent crimes such as murder, robbery, kidnapping, harassment, and many more are included in this. Theft, fraud, mischief, breaking and entering and so on are all property crimes. The crimes not included in this table include those that violate federal statutes, traffic laws, the criminal code, and drug laws. These crime figures are approximations based on figures from Canada data.

People & Culture of New Toronto

It compares the median household income, unemployment rate, and labour force participation rate for each region. The median household income in New Toronto is $64,676, Ontario's is $87,353, and Toronto's is $81,376, according to census data. Toronto's unemployment rate is higher than the national average at 5.2%, while Ontario's is the lowest at 4.2%. With a percentage of 67.9%, New Toronto has the highest labour force participation of any city, indicating a robust labour force. These numbers provide crucial details on the local labour market and economic climate.
Index New Toronto  Toronto Ontario
Median household Income $64,676 $81,376 $87,353
Unemployment rate 5.2% 4.8% 4.2%
In labour force 67.9% 65.5% 61.7%
The statistics depict the proportion of residents in each area who are native speakers of English and French. Only 0.2% of residents in New Toronto speak French; the majority speak English. While 85.9% of Toronto residents speak English, only 0.1% speak French. In Ontario, 0.3% of people speak French, and 86.1% of people speak English, which is a slightly greater rate. These statistics indicate that English is the most common language in Toronto, Ontario, and the rest of the nation. Few people speak French, especially in Toronto, with a very small French-speaking population.
Statistic New Toronto Toronto Ontario
English 88.6% 85.9% 86.1%
French  0.2% 0.1% 0.3%

New Toronto Neighbourhood Nearby

New Toronto is renowned for maintaining its natural beauty due to the conservation lands it has protected. Here is a list of New Toronto's top neighbourhoods:
  • Cabbagetown
  • Liberty Village
  • Riverdale
  • Parkdale
  • Yorkville
  • Davisville Village
  • The Junction
  • Forest Hill North
  • Seaton Village
  • The Danforth
  • Oakwood Village
  • Bathurst Manor

New Toronto Schools

The town places a great priority on education, and there are a number of prestigious educational institutions close by. In these schools, students of all ages can receive a top-notch education. Some of them are:
  • Rotherglen Montessori School
  • Howlett Academy
  • St. Josaphat Catholic School
  • Second Street Junior Middle School
  • Twentieth Street Junior School
  • The Holy Trinity Catholic School

New Toronto Shopping Malls

Accessibility and convenience are improved for all residents of a neighbourhood when retail establishments are located nearby New Toronto. The wide range of retail businesses and services in New Toronto ensures that residents may simply save time and effort without travelling further. Here are a few examples:
  • Cloverdale Mall
  • Yorkdale Shopping Centre
  • CF Sherway Gardens
  • Seaway Plaza
  • Scarborough Farmer’s Market

New Toronto Restaurants

In New Toronto, a historic and modern way of life coexists in perfect harmony. The town offers inhabitants and visitors upmarket excellent dining restaurants and welcoming cafes in addition to attractive, peaceful parks and walks. A few of the most popular restaurants in the area are:
  • The Rec Room
  • Stillwater Spa
  • Cellar Door Restaurant
  • Kitchen on Sixth
  • New Toronto Fish & Chips
  • Lucky Dice Restaurant
  • Olive Kebar Restaurant

New Toronto Hospitals

New Toronto is aware of the importance of receiving top-notch care and is concerned about the welfare of all its residents. The municipality assures that all medical facilities are accessible for the citizens as needed because numerous hospitals, pharmacies, and doctors are nearby. The following hospitals can be found close to New Toronto:
  • St. Joseph's Health Centre
  • Humber River Hospital
  • Toronto General Hospital
  • Toronto Western Hospital
  • Michael Garron Hospital
  • New Toronto Medical Center

Top Attractions & Places to Visit in New Toronto

Visitors are encouraged to check out the city's many significant places and attractions. Natural landscapes, historic landmarks, and entertainment complexes are a few of the frequently visited destinations. The numerous experiences New Toronto provides the locals are bound to dazzle. A number of additional developments are also planned for the area, increasing its tourist appeal.
  • Harbourfront Centre- The Harbourfront Centre is an important cultural landmark on Toronto's waterfront and is located at 235 Queens Quay West in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was established in 1972 as a royal company by the Canadian government with the intention of creating a waterfront park. It converted to being a non-profit in 1991.
  • New Toronto Splash Pad- Toronto, part of the Greater Toronto Area, is home to the water park known as New Toronto Splash Pad. St. Thomas More Church and New Toronto Collegiate Institute are nearby.
  • Thomson Memorial Park- In the Scarborough neighbourhood of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, at 1005 Brimley Road, is Thomson Memorial Park, a medium-sized park. The Scarborough Historical Museum is located there, and there are historic homes from the 1790s that belonged to the Thomsons, the family who founded Scarborough.
  • Terra Lumina- For the eleventh time, we went on a Lumina night walk at a zoo. Its name is Terra Lumina, and it focuses on educating viewers about animal conservation in a motivating and emotionally engaging manner.
  • Humber Bay Butterfly Habitat- In Toronto, there is a lovely natural area called the Humber Bay Butterfly Habitat (HBBH) that aims to draw in urban wildlife, notably our native butterflies.

Things to Do in New Toronto

There are many exciting things to do in New Toronto, Ontario! On hot days, you may cool yourself by going to the entertaining New Toronto Splash Pad. Beautiful walking trails and a playground may be found in Thomson Memorial Park. Avoid skipping the Scarborough Historical Museum, where you may explore old houses from the past and discover the history of the area. If you like architecture, go to the stunning St. Thomas More Church. Additionally, there are wonderful shops and restaurants. Participate in outdoor sports, natural walks, and fun neighbourhood gatherings. Fun things to do are available in New Toronto for people of all ages.

Get that Farm Experience

For those who value the beauty of the outdoors, New Toronto has a number of farms that make for wonderful outings. Because they provide distinctively outstanding nature experiences, Sweet Ridge Farm and Flemingdon Community Farm are the two farms that tourists visit the most.

Distance & Commute from Popular Locations

There are many well-known sites in New Toronto, Ontario, and getting around is easy. Travelling between them is convenient due to their proximity. You can use public transportation, such as buses or trains, to get to these locations swiftly and affordably.
  • New Toronto takes 14 minutes from Toronto Pearson International Airport.
  • It only takes 34 minutes to get there from the Highway 40 intersection.
  • The New Toronto Plaza, the closest shopping centre, is reachable in just a short 10-minute stroll.
  • The community is within a 14-minute drive from the closest hospital, St. Joseph's Health Centre. Within a 32-minute drive, one might opt to go to the Michael Garron Hospital.

Popular Markets in New Toronto

You may find something to suit any shopaholic's taste, from clothing and accessories to home furnishings and technology. Spend a fun-filled day shopping in New Toronto and find hidden treasures to satiate your urges!

Cloverdale Mall

The Cloverdale Mall is a neighbourhood shopping facility situated at 250 The East Mall, northeast of the junction of Dundas Street West and Highway 427, in the Etobicoke neighbourhood of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Cloverdale Mall is a quaint and friendly place. A wide variety of things, including artisanal delicacies and locally made goods, are available at this one-of-a-kind mall.

Scarborough Farmer’s Market

New Toronto, Ontario neighbourhood is close to Scarborough Market, a lively market with various goods. This bustling market provides a wide variety of goods and tastes that reflect the rich cultural diversity of the neighbourhood. You can find various gastronomic delights in one location, from fresh fruits and vegetables to unusual spices and overseas delicacies.

M&M Food Market

M&M Food Market is heaven for food lovers in New Toronto, Ontario, and offers many premium frozen delicacies. This store is renowned for its tasty and practical solutions that simplify dinner preparation. M&M Food Market has something for every taste and occasion, from savoury appetisers to tantalising dinners and decadent sweets.

New Toronto Demographics

The population of Toronto is 3,013,752, compared to 14,804,681 for Ontario and 38,134,230 for the United States. Toronto has the highest population density, with 4,712 people per square kilometre, compared to 15 in Ontario and 4 nationally. Toronto's median age is 39.3 years, while the national average and Ontario's are 40.9 years. The ratio of men to women is nearly equal in all three locations. Marriage rates among married couples are 71% in Ontario, 67% in Toronto, and 66% nationally, according to data on families. Ontario is also in the lead, with 46% of families having children living at home; Toronto and the national average are not far behind at 44% to 43%, respectively.
Statistic Toronto Ontario National
Population 3,013,752 14,804,681 38,134,230
Population density (sq km) 4,712 15 4
Median age 39.3 40.9 40.9
Male to Female ratio 1:1:1 1.0:1 1.0:1
Married couples 67% 71% 66%
Families with kids at home 44% 46% 43%

Things to Do in New Toronto with Kids & Pets

New Toronto has lots of enjoyable activities for both children and pets! You can go to the New Toronto Splash Pad, where both kids and pets can have fun splashing around in the water. The family-friendly Thomson Memorial Park may have a playground and walking pathways. There, both your children and pets can have a great time playing. Take the kids and dogs to the Scarborough Historical Museum for a history lesson, where they may explore and learn together. New Toronto boasts a lot of family- and pet-friendly stores if you want to go shopping. It's a terrific place to have fun adventures with your animal friends and spend quality time with your family!

Average Cost of Living in New Toronto

Despite having a higher cost of living than the national average, New Toronto offers a comfortable way of life. In Particular, housing-related costs are 16% more than the national average.
Index Toronto Ontario National
Cost of living 114 111 100
Goods & Services 108 107 100
Groceries 100 101 100
Health care 103 103 100
Housing 126 120 100
Transportation 107 104 100
Utilities 130 119 100

Real Estate Housing Market of New Toronto

The real estate market in the New Toronto neighbourhood is doing well. The housing market in New Toronto is healthy, and there will be a decent number of homes for sale over the next three months. Condominiums and townhouses make up the majority of the homes in the neighbourhood. When purchasing a property in New Toronto, prices for residences range from $439,900 to $1,135,000 million. Depending on the property type, the average lease in New Toronto is between $1,485 and $3,000 per month. Properties in the New Toronto neighbourhood typically stay on the market for 16 days or less, according to Toronto. New Toronto is a well-liked neighbourhood for both buyers and speculators due to its constantly increasing home values over this period. New Toronto's enviable location, proximity to amenities, schools, and transport options all played a significant role in the demand for housing. As a result, there was some buyer competition, which fueled price growth.

Location Insights


What is the average home price in New Toronto?

In New Toronto, the price of a home averages $676,000. For additional information, visit squareyards.ca on our website.

How much does a rental home cost in New Toronto?

Numerous variables affect rent pricing, including location, size, and quality. But on average, a house in New Toronto costs roughly $3k monthly to rent. For additional details, visit our website at squareyards.ca.

What are nearby neighbourhoods in New Toronto?

New Toronto’s well-known neighbourhoods are Bendale, Agincourt, Scarborough Village, Morrisone, and Islington.

How many homes are for sale in New Toronto?

About 89 homes are for sale in New Toronto at the moment. You can also refer to our website, www.squareyards.ca, to learn more about the average sales price.

How quickly are homes selling in New Toronto?

New Toronto is a well-liked area that provides a range of attractions and enjoys strong demand in the housing market.

Last Updated : 6 Days ago
115 Tenth St, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 5 Days ago
20 Twelfth St, Toronto, Ontario

20 Twelfth St New Toronto,Toronto,Ontario

  • 2 Bd
  • 2 Ba
  • sq-ft
Last Updated : 7 Days ago
3058 Lakeshore Blvd W, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 13 Days ago
3180 Lakeshore Rd W, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 15 Days ago
225 Birmingham St, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 16 Days ago
3007 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 1 Day ago
35 Tenth St, Toronto, Ontario

35 Tenth St New Toronto,Toronto,Ontario

  • 1 Bd
  • 4 Ba
  • sq-ft
Last Updated : 15 Days ago
260 Twelfth St, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 22 Days ago
40 William Jackson Way, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 48 Days ago
2974 Lakeshore Blvd W, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 48 Days ago
2790 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 6 Days ago
199 Islington Ave, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 6 Days ago
4 Elsinore Path, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 48 Days ago
260 Twelfth St, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 31 Days ago
3076 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 11 Hours ago
114 Seventh St, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 3 Days ago
52 Sixteenth St, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 6 Days ago
260 Twelfth St, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 22 Days ago
2865 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 5 Days ago
6 Seventeenth St E, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 48 Days ago
300 New Toronto St, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 42 Days ago
106 Lake Shore Dr, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 48 Days ago
2731 Lakeshore Blvd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 48 Days ago
2976 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 48 Days ago
2974 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 139 Days ago
15 William Jackson Way, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 140 Days ago
235 Birmingham St, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 9 Days ago
68 Seventeenth St, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 27 Days ago
225 Birmingham St, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 48 Days ago
2917 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, Ontario

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