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Neighborhood Overview

Henry-Farm, Toronto

Henry Farm Neighbourhood Overview

Henry Farm, nestled in the heart of Toronto, is a charming neighbourhood that blends suburban tranquillity with urban convenience. Originally settled in 1806 by Henry Mulholland, the area has evolved from its rural roots into a vibrant residential community. The neighbourhood is bordered by Leslie Street and Don Mills Road, offering easy access to the rest of the city. The diverse housing options are at the core of Henry Farm's appeal. Low-density suburban homes predominantly characterise the area. The area features a mix of Georgian and Tudor Revival-style houses and bungalows. Adding to this residential diversity are the townhouse developments along the northeast and southeast, including social housing options. The community's skyline is marked by two notable high-rise apartment buildings, Havenbrook Towers, in the southeast corner. Community spirit thrives in Henry Farm, thanks to an active community association. This association fosters a close-knit environment through initiatives like Neighbourhood Watch, Block Parent Programs, and various recreational activities. The neighbourhood also has a community newsletter that keeps residents informed and connected. Shopping and entertainment are conveniently accessible, with the Fairview mall Shopping Centre at the northeast corner of Don Mills Road and Sheppard Avenue. As one of Toronto's largest shopping centres, Fairview mall offers many stores, restaurants and even a cinema complex. The mall also hosts various events and promotions, including the popular "Fitness at Fairview Indoor Walking Program”. Henry Farm has abundant green spaces, with several municipal parks like Havenbrook Park adding to the neighbourhood's charm. These parks are recreational spaces integral to the community's lifestyle. The proximity to the Don Valley, part of Toronto's extensive ravine system, offers residents a natural retreat within the urban environment.

Livability & Lifestyle of Henry Farm

The Henry Farm neighbourhood boasts a Livability score of 80/100. A detailed list of its livability follows below:
Livability 80
Amenities A+
Commute A+
Cost Of Living F
Crime C
Employment C+
Housing C-
Health A+
Schools A+
The neighbourhood has a violent crime rate 13% below the national average, earning it an A+ safety grade. It's recognised as one of the city's most secure communities. Residents have a minimal 1 in 28 chance of falling victim to a crime here. Check the following table for detailed local crime statistics.
Index Henry Farm/ 100k People Toronto/ 100k People National/ 100k People
Total crime 3.688 2,915 4,223
Violent crime 947 748 1,042
Property crime 2,741 2,167 3,181

People and Culture of Henry Farm

A diverse population takes residence in the neighbourhood of Henry Farm. The community consists mainly of a South Asian population, including immigrants from China, Arabia and the Philippines. English is still the language spoken majorly across the region.
Statistic Henry Farm Ontario
English 88.2% 86.1%
French  0.1% 0.3%
Henry Farm's average household income exceeds the national average by 19%. For a more detailed insight into the demographics of Henry Farm, refer to the table below.
Index Henry Farm Ontario
Median household Income $66,843 $87,353
Unemployment rate 4.7% 4.2%
In labour force 68.1% 61.7%

Henry Farm Neighbourhood Nearby

Cannington is a convenient and welcoming haven that caters to residents' diverse needs. This lively neighbourhood provides access to quality education, healthcare facilities, varied dining options, and bustling shopping centres. Together, these efforts weave a colourful tapestry that enhances the daily lives of those residing in Cannington.
  • Silver Hills
  • Graydon Hall
  • Pleasant View
  • Don Valley Village
  • Maryvale
  • Windfields

Henry Farm Schools

From Catholic to Public schools, the neighbourhood hosts numerous educational institutions. Some of the closest schools are:
  • Forest Manor Public School
  • Shaughnessy Public School
  • Elite Academic School
  • North York Academy
  • St. Timothy Catholic School
  • A.R.S. Armenian School
  • Cestar High School
  • Head Start Montessori School

Henry Farm Shopping Malls

Various shopping malls in the region offer local goods and international brands. Some of the closest shopping centres are: 
  • Victoria Park Square
  • CF Fairview mall
  • The Esquire Plaza
  • The Shops Of Brian Village
  • Bayview Village Shopping Centre
  • Skycity Shopping Centre
  • Victoria Commons

Henry Farm Restaurants

Henry Farm’s culinary scene is a captivating fusion of various cuisines, featuring several eateries serving international dishes alongside local specialities.
  • Lara’s Restaurant
  • Five Fortune Restaurant
  • Friendship Restaurant
  • Esquire Souvlaki Steak & Grill Restaurant
  • Paramount Fine Foods
  • Willie Stouts Pub & Grill
  • Subway

Henry Farm Hospitals

Medical facilities and hospitals are numerous in the neighbourhood, present at easy distance. The closest hospitals to the region are -
  • North York General Hospital
  • Scarborough Health Network - Birchmount Hospital
  • Humber River Hospital
  • Toronto General Hospital
  • Michael Garron Hospital

Top Attractions & Places to Visit in Henry Farm

Henry Farm is home to many distinctive attractions and leisure activities. Some of the standout spots in the region are:

Fairview Public Library and Theatre

Adjacent to Fairview mall is the Public Library and Theatre. This cultural hub, recently remodelled, now boasts ten computers with internet access. An expanded multilingual program adds to its appeal, making it a welcoming space for diverse communities. The attached Fairview Library Theatre offers evening and weekend performances by local theatre groups. For over 45 years, this theatre has captivated audiences with its dynamic stage productions, with notable past performances like "To Kill a Mockingbird," "Miracle on 34th Street," and "The Miracle Worker."

East Don Valley Parkland Trail

This is a natural oasis in the city and is a fun day out for those who enjoy the outdoors. Here, nature enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the tranquillity of the green surroundings. A recent archaeological discovery within the park revealed the remnants of a former First Nations Village, adding historical significance to the trail. The combination of natural beauty and historical intrigue makes the East Don Valley Parkland Trail a captivating destination for hikers and history buffs.

Things to Do in Henry Farm

Several municipal parks, such as Havenbrook Park and Parkway Forest Park, are key attractions in the neighbourhood.

Stroll Through The Havenbrook Park

Havenbrook Park, nestled at the south end of Henry Farm, is a delightful destination for families and sports enthusiasts. Its well-maintained baseball diamond invites players from across the region. The region also houses tennis courts that cater to players of all skill levels, offering a perfect spot for a friendly match or to hone skills. Additionally, its proximity to the Don Valley enhances the park's natural appeal.

Distance and Commute from Popular Locations

Henry Farm's strategic location at Highways 401 and 404 intersections ensures a convenient commute for residents working in neighbouring communities.
  • The Toronto Pearson International Airport, located 25.4 km away, is conveniently reachable within a 19-minute drive from the neighbourhood.
  • The New York General Hospital, located 1.8 km away, is just a 6-minute drive from the neighbourhood.
  • The CF Fairview mall (950 m) is the go-to shopping centre in the neighbourhood and is just a 2-minute drive away.
  • The Havenbrook mall (650 m) is just 2 minutes from the neighbourhood and is a popular recreational spot for families, kids and visitors alike.
  • Yorkland Boulevard is just a 4-minute drive from the neighbourhood and offers exceptional international cuisines at ZenQ and Beijing Hot Pot Restaurant.

Popular Markets in Henry Farm

Henry Farm offers many vibrant marketplaces—one of the most important ones is the Merry Marketplace.

Maeli Market

Born from two sisters' childhood dreams, Maeli Market is a vibrant space for connection and cultural growth. The market offers Taiwanese products, from traditional snacks to creatively shaped soaps and classic tote bags. Collaborating with Toronto-based Suulin Architects, the store's design thoughtfully represents Taiwan. Every detail immerses visitors, from the bamboo lanterns and mountainous backdrop to the kitchen shaped like the island. Every day from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm, Maeli Market invites everyone to explore the essence of Taiwan.


The neighbourhood boasts affordable property prices. It is an excellent choice for a peaceful living environment. It has a notably higher population density than Toronto. The region’s density surpasses the national average by 52%. Moreover, the median age in Henry Farm is approximately 16% lower than in Toronto.
Statistic Henry Farm
Area Code
Population 22,100
Population density (sq km) 7,150
Median age 32.9
Male to Female ratio 1.0:1
Married couples 71%
Families with kids at home 49%

Things to Do in Henry Farm with Kids & Pets

Families with kids and children have numerous parks to visit and explore across the neighbourhood. The parks have various sports grounds and courts available. Here are some of them:

Explore the Parkway Forest Park

Parkway Forest Park, a sprawling 5.2-hectare green space, is just 3 minutes from the neighbourhood. It is an ideal destination for families with kids, with sports zones. The park contains three well-lit outdoor tennis courts and a diamond basketball court. There is also a ball hockey pad that adds to the diverse sports options. For younger visitors, the park features two playgrounds where kids can play and explore and a water park that provides a fun and refreshing escape during warmer days. As a community focal point, Parkway Forest Park ensures hours of enjoyment.

Visit The Betty Sutherland Trail Park

The Betty Sutherland Trail, winding along the East Don River from Duncan Mill Road to Sheppard Avenue, offers a picturesque path for family walks. It honours Betty Sutherland's 13-year effort to enhance North York's recreational spaces. The trail is a nature lover's delight, enriched with native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers. These plantings increase biodiversity and benefit wildlife. It's not only a place for exercise but also for learning about ecosystems and conservation. Families can relish in the natural beauty, learn about urban green spaces, and recognise a community leader's legacy.

Average Cost of Living in Henry Farm

The cost of living in the neighbourhood is comparatively more affordable at 9% lower than the Toronto average. The following table offers a detailed insight into the cost of living in the region:
Index Henry Farm Toronto Ontario
Cost of living 101 114 111
Goods & Services 108 108 107
Groceries 100 100 101
Health care 103 103 103
Housing 82 126 120
Transportation 107 107 104
Utilities 130 130 119

Real Estate Housing Market of Henry Farm

Henry Farm offers diverse real estate options, including Georgian and Tudor Revival houses, split-levels, and bungalows. The area also has condominiums and high-rise apartments, often at more affordable prices than nearby areas. The neighbourhood's location near freeways makes it convenient for commuters. It's great for renters, first-time buyers, or those downsizing. The larger homes are ideal for families, making Henry Farm suitable for different life stages. The area offers a balanced lifestyle with varied housing, abundant greenery, strong community ties, and convenient urban amenities.

Location Insights


What is the average home price in Henry Farm?

Property prices in Henry Farm vary, ranging from around $835,000 to as high as $8.75 million.

How much does a rental home cost in Henry Farm?

Rental homes in the neighbourhood can cost anywhere from $3k to $ 43k.

What are nearby neighbourhoods in Henry Farm?

Silver Hills Graydon Hall and Pleasant View are popular neighbourhoods nearby.

How many homes are for sale in Henry Farm?

Numerous houses are available in Henry Farm, offering interested buyers various carpet size options.

How quickly are homes selling in Henry Farm?

Henry Farm is a vibrant city celebrated for its numerous attractions and thriving housing market.

Where does Henry Farm rank among other Ontario neighbourhoods?

Henry Farm is frequently ranked among the top neighbourhoods in Toronto.

Last Updated : 23 Hours ago
280-422 Consumers Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 1 Day ago
280-422 Consumers Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 1 Day ago
280-422 Consumers Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 1 Day ago
50 Ann O'Reilly Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 1 Day ago
2015 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 2 Days ago
52 Forest Manor Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 6 Hours ago
117 McMahon Dr, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 3 Days ago
66 Forest Manor Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 4 Days ago
60 Ann O'reilly Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 2 Days ago
38 Forest Manor Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 8 Days ago
50 Ann O'Reilly Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 7 Days ago
56 Forest Manor Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 9 Days ago
50 Ann O'reilly Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 10 Days ago
38 Forest Manor Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 6 Days ago
32 Forest Manor Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 6 Hours ago
16 Corvus Starway, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 3 Days ago
55 Ann O'reilly Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 8 Days ago
66 Forest Manor Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 4 Days ago
50 Ann O'Reilly Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 2 Days ago
60 Ann O'Reilly Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 19 Days ago
62 Forest Manor Rd S, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 2 Days ago
275 Yorkland Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 21 Days ago
55 Ann O'reilly Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 22 Days ago
55 Ann O'reilly Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 20 Days ago
55 Ann O'reilly Rd Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 17 Days ago
62 Forest Manor Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 22 Days ago
52 Forest Manor Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 36 Days ago
62 Forest Manor Rd E, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 9 Days ago
275 Yorkland Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Last Updated : 43 Days ago
325 Yorkland Blvd, Toronto, Ontario

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