Moving to a new place can be a stressful experience. But with the right amount of research, you can quickly clear out all the ifs and buts. Simcoe Vs Norfolk are some of the best places to live in Canada. These towns come with a lot of amenities and reasons for you to make a move. There are considerable differences between living in Simcoe Vs Norfolk. If you’re curious about what these towns offer, continue reading!

Living in Simcoe

Living in Simcoe

Every individual prioritises finding a safe neighbourhood that provides a feeling of togetherness. Simcoe happens to be one of those towns that comes with a lot of benefits. Whether you’re looking for extra safety or a lower cost of living, Simcoe is a great area to live in. Let’s dive into some of the top benefits of living in Simcoe. 

  • Small Town Charm 

Small Town Charm

Simcoe has a lot of charm that will grab your attention. If you’re someone who prefers a close community and quick chats with friendly neighbours, Simcoe is a perfect choice. The residents here appreciate the rural style of living. Everyone in the community looks after each other and welcomes new changes.

  • Simcoe Amenities

There are a few exceptional Simcoe amenities that every resident can enjoy. There are many good restaurants and craft breweries for you to visit before and after work. If you’re planning to do some socialising, visit the Norfolk Golf and Country Club. You’ll also find festivals and events every month. 

  • Mode of Transit

Mode of Transit Simcoe Vs Norfolk

Simcoe’s perfect location will help you easily reach certain places. You’ll find very little traffic, and road rage is rare in this town. Whether it’s a getaway for a week or a visit to Niagara Falls Attractions, the roads won’t take away much of your time. Best Beaches in Canada and anyone can visit Lake Erie, a 15-minute drive from Simcoe. These are some of the biggest benefits of living in Simcoe. 

  • Safety

Norfolk is known for its safety. In 2019, Norfolk County made it to the list of Canada’s safest places to live in.

  • Cost of Living

According to cost Offive, the cost of living in Simcoe, Ontario, is approximately $1,438 per month. The average monthly salary is around $2,656, and the average house rent is $927 per month. The price per square metre of an apartment near the city will cost you $1320.19. Other costs, including groceries, house benefits, transportation, and leisure for one person, will cost approximately $641. You’ll find some of the best housing benefits in Simcoe, ON.

  • Weather

One can experience the ideal weather in Simcoe from May to September. It is cold for about half of the year and sometimes pleasant when it’s raining or snowing. The hottest months in Simcoe are June, July, and August. The average temperature range includes 82.2°F to 60.7°F at night.

  • Lifestyle 

Lifestyle Simcoe Vs Norfolk

The Simcoe Christmas Panorama and the Port Dover Summer Festival are the most popular events in the region. Annual events like the Norfolk Musical Arts Festival (February), the Ice Cream Festival (July), and the Lynn River Music & Arts Festival (August). 

  • Places to Visit 

One of the largest urban areas in Norfolk County, Simcoe, is home to many industries. You’ll find Canada’s largest ice cream plant and the Toyota auto parts plant. There are various park systems, heritage sites, and restaurants that you can visit as well. 

  • Nightlife 

Whether it’s dinner, drinks, or dessert, you can get it in the middle of the night. There are multiple bars and restaurants open throughout the night. Some of the best ones include the Barrel Pizza & Spaghetti House Restaurant, Simcoe Arms, The Blue Elephant Inc., and more.

Living in Norfolk 

Living in Norfolk 

While we’re exploring Simcoe vs Norfolk benefits, Norfolk made it to the list of Canada’s Best Places to Live in 2018. The county seat is located in Simcoe, a rural municipality located in southwestern Ontario. Living in Norfolk County has various advantages, including a welcoming community, low cost of living, housing, house benefits, wineries, and lots of nature. Let’s look at some of the benefits of living in Norfolk. 

  • Surrounded by Water 

If you’re looking for fresh air and beautiful scenery, Norfolk is the ideal place. It is filled with welcoming nature and multiple fishing grounds so that you can relax while you’re outdoors.

  • Cost of Living 

Norfolk County might be the right place for those looking for an affordable lifestyle. With various housing benefits, the cost of living in Norfolk is lower than the provincial average in Ontario. The average monthly rent here is approximately $950, and food and transportation costs are lower in this region. 

  • Norfolk Culture

Norfolk County is home to a welcoming community, and there are plenty of things that you can do as a family. If you’re a wine lover like the residents of Norfolk, you’re in for a treat. The county has some of the best wineries, beaches, and trails.

  • Education and Amenities

Education and Amenities Simcoe Vs Norfolk

Based on the records for the year 2022, there are around 191 public and 115 private schools in Norfolk. Some of the best schools in the area are Dover-Sherborn Regional High School, Martha Jones, and Needham High School. According to townfolio, 18.21% of the inhabitants are involved in health and related fields. The most popular practice includes engineering. Apart from that, students also go for a stem major in business or public administration. 

  • Multiple Transportation Options

When it comes to transportation, there are two options available. Residents can use the bus system because it does not have a regular schedule. The second option is a private transportation company. This is the most expensive option, but it is also the most reliable.

  • Enjoy Sports Year-Round

You’ll find some of the best beaches to enjoy the sun’s warmth. Enjoy activities like kayaking or canoeing in the lakes of the area. Whether it’s a long walk, a hike, or a bike ride, you will love the place for its beauty. There’s a place for different kinds of interests and activities in Norfolk all year-round. These are some of the special benefits of living in Norfolk. 

  • Hub For Employers 

Hub For Employers Simcoe Vs Norfolk

There are a lot of opportunities and business houses that offer work opportunities. Norfolk County itself hires approximately 1100 full-time employees. It is the largest employer in the area and employs employees for corporate services, community development, and operations posts. 

  • Nightlife 

There is a lack of nightlife in Norfolk due to the population. There are a few urban centres and many things to do at night. Certain bars and restaurants offer live music. You can also go to the movie theatre or join your friends for a bowling match. 

  • Weather

Norfolk has a long and cold winter season, with temperatures dropping to -20° C or lower. You’ll experience snow from October till April. Stay prepared with warm clothes if you’re not used to the cold weather.


These are all the amenities that Simcoe Vs Norfolk has to offer. The snowy weather, transport, and housing living benefits are some of the pros here. Both places have their atmosphere that will help you thrive. Consider all your interests and choose the one that best suits your purpose.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is Simcoe a rural area?

Simcoe is a rural community located in the central portion of Southern Ontario, Canada. It is the regional municipality of Norfolk County.

What is Norfolk's seasonal temperature?

The summers in Norfolk are hot and muggy, while the winters are cold and windy. The temperature varies from 34° F to 88° F.

Is Norfolk County a good place to live?

Norfolk is a great place to live in. Norfolk has everything if you want an affordable lifestyle, education, and work amenities. There are two types of transportation options and various attractions where you can spend family time with your loved ones.

Where is Western Norfolk County?

Norfolk County has around 28 eastern Massachusetts communities located in the south and west of the city of Boston.

What is Simcoe County known for?

Simcoe County is known for its world-class attractions, safety, sense of community, and lower cost of living. You'll also find the city of Barrie here, which is 80 kilometres away from Toronto.

How many cities are in Simcoe County?

The County of Simcoe comprises sixteen towns and townships. Some of these are the town of New Tecumseth, the township of Essa, etc.