Plan released for smart Toronto neighbourhood by Alphabet-owned Sidewalk Labs

Google parent Alphabet owned Sidewalk Labs has officially released the plan and rendering of the smart Toronto neighbourhood of the future that could usher in rapid development for the city. Sidewalk Labs has already released its draft site plan which covers overall infrastructural development, sustainability and affordability.

Quayside is a prime waterfront neighbourhood in the city where approval was obtained previously by Alphabet for building a new residential community. Almost 40% of residential space will be dedicated for affordable housing below market costs out of a total of 68% of residential space on offer. 20% will be affordable and the other portion will cover mid-income housing options. Alphabet is expecting around 5, 000 residents to be occupying the renovated area with 3, 900 employees also joining work later in Quayside.

There will be other community facilities set up on the waterfront like day care centres, an elementary school and wellness centre along with other public services. Alphabet has already forecasted more than 9, 000 jobs in construction for Ontario to be created as part of this project to build 12 new structures varying between 3-30 storeys in height along with supporting infrastructure such as streets minus curbs that can be digitally managed with more autonomous vehicles. Quayside is expected to be a climate positive and environment friendly development with overall greenhouse gas emissions being lowered by 75-85% as per reports with infrastructure like battery storage, solar panels, sewer heat recovery, geothermal wells and other initiatives. The public meeting for deciding on the next step will take place soon according to reports.