Makeover in the works for Villiers Island

New Port Land bridges have been planned for Villiers Islands as part of an initiative by Waterfront Toronto to continue its mission to build quality infrastructure. The makeover the Queens Quay has been a shot in the arm for the Toronto waterfront. Other projects like the Front Street Promenade and Corktown Commons were setup before the Canary District being fully built and Sugar Beach and Sherbourne Common have already become major landmarks in the city. There are other upcoming projects like the transformation of the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal and a new park at the site of the Gardiner off-ramp for the York Street-Yonge Bay areas.

The City of Toronto and Waterfront Toronto have now planned several infrastructure projects for the Port Lands including the Don River’s naturalization and a blueprint for Villiers Island. This will encompass three bridges linking the Villiers Island to the mainland and these will be the Cherry Street North Bridge linking the Lake Shore Boulevard, Commissioners Street Bridge connecting to the eastern Port Lands and Cherry Street South Bridge linking to the southern Port Lands. Entuitive is taking care of design for these three bridges in collaboration with Grimshaw Architects and SBP which is based in London.

All the bridges have similar design elements and will boost overall housing demand in the neighbourhood in the future as estimated by experts. There will be dual flat arches for these bridges linked with an elastic form for a more contemporary vibe. The arches gently touch the road surfaces supported and can be identified easily as well. There will be a side for two-way vehicle movement on every bridge and two-way lines for LRT lines in the future. The streetcar network can be extended and may finish at a junction to the north of the Cherry Beach in the future while one line may go east to Leslie Street. The Commissioners Street LRT could possibly be the extension of the East Bayfront LRT in the future through the Queens Quay East as per reports.

LRT and vehicular bridges will be built together for the Cherry Street North Bridge and in case of the other two, the first phase has been allocated for vehicular bridges and Phase Two covers the LRT bridges. All the bridges will have cycling and pedestrian lanes on both sides or on a single side at least. There will be an extra walkway for pedestrians integrated into the LRT bridges as part of Phase Two.