Housing Guide

Financial Support for Tenants and Homeowners

Since so long ago, Toronto, a city of towering buildings and legendary real estate masterpieces, has served its residents. When it comes to having...
Vijay Kumar
13 min read views

Multi-Tenant House Owners & Operators

Multi-tenant housing is when four or more people bunk together in one house and share the washroom and the kitchen area. Multi-tenant rooming house...
Vijay Kumar
6 min read views

Co-operative Housing for Rent

You must have seen organisations that choose to invest in real estate properties. Do you know what exactly the framework is behind this investment?...
Vijay Kumar
3 min read views

Short-term Rentals in Toronto

Shifting is a global issue, especially for tenants with a travelling professional who needs to find a new settlement within a short tenure. Considering...
Vijay Kumar
6 min read views

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