Federal Government to boost infrastructure in Mississauga

Mississauga’s real estate market may be boosted greatly through the federal government’s decision to release investments for infrastructure development in the city. Mississauga is about to witness the development of a larger number of affordable housing units which will boost the realty market here along with lake view projects and road improvements, all of which will contribute towards enhancing the quality of life for its citizens. Infrastructure Canada has already confirmed that more than $12.1 million will be released for funding 159 new projects across Canadian communities.

Three programs are getting these funds, namely MAMP (Municipal Asset Management Program), GMF (Green Municipal Fund) and MCIP (Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program). The Climate Change Action Plan at Mississauga is receiving $125, 000 from the federal government. The plan aims at lowering greenhouse gas emissions overall while boosting capacity to deal with future climatic changes along with empowering businesses to adapt to a lower carbon economy. There will be new markets opened with many jobs created and this will boost housing demand in turn. Under the MCIP, the City of Mississauga is supervising the implementation of this project. The investments in building green infrastructure will not just boost housing markets and lower greenhouse gas emissions; it will also be a boost for overall infrastructure development

Several initiatives have already been running in this regard including Expanded Transit where 58, 000 tonnes of CO2 have been bypass annually. 1 million trees is another initiative and already 300, 000 trees have been planted with a view towards achieving this goal by the year 2032. The Improved Energy Efficiency of City Facilities is the program where the ENERGY STAR (r) industry certification has been awarded for 2018 by Natural Resources Canada to the Mississauga Civic Centre. Energy usage has gone down by 17%. With better green infrastructure and affordable housing projects, Mississauga’s appeal is set to go up considerably amongst global investors and end-users alike.