Amherst- The idyllic town where some of Canada’s best property deals are found

Canada real estate often throws up several surprises. There are several quaint towns and neighborhoods which offer the opportunity to snap up attractively designed mansions and independent homes at relatively throw-away prices as compared to say a smaller condo unit in major cities like Toronto. This is why these locations are popular with retirees and seniors who wish to cash in on their city properties before moving away to quieter suburbs and towns where they can buy bigger homes.

Amherst is one such idyllic town where there are several attractive real estate deals available. People who live in major cities and are in search of retirement homes or bigger independent homes in quieter zones are major prospective buyers in Amherst which is known for its beautiful mansions and independent homes. People who have homes in Vancouver and Toronto looking for simpler and healthier lifestyles, are drawn to Amherst and its allure. This leads to major listings of properties in this town in Nova Scotia which is near the Bay of Fundy.

Key aspects worth noting in this regard

City dwellers seek peace and quiet in Amherst as per reports. The neighborhood is charming and old-fashioned somewhat where people are not worried about safety and security. Everybody knows everybody and people are hospitable and friendly. The small-town feeling is somewhat reinforced by the price tags of independent homes here. There are many who are looking to cash in on their $800,000-$900,000 semi-detached housing unit in Toronto or a premier condo and buy mansions from the Victorian era in Amherst.

188 Victoria Street is one of the beautiful mansions in the neighborhood on Victoria Street. Constructed in the year 1905, this mansion has charming stained-glass windows along with a turret, grand staircase, wainscoting and more. It is named Beau Sejour or Beautiful House as local residents call it. The pricing is just under $600,000 which is about the price of a Toronto condo unit. Amherst was home to several Confederation fathers including a former Canadian Prime Minister, Sir Charles Tupper. Rocky, the father of famous actor Dwayne Johnson or The Rock, resided in Amherst earlier along with Alex Colville the artist and briefly Leon Trotsky. The town is home to several architectural masterpieces including the First Baptist Church. Bent Cottage is another home that was built back in 1770 and is the oldest home here, older than the nation itself.

Amherst was once a very busy city with organizations like the Hewson Woolen Mills, Amherst Piano Company and Amherst Boot and Shoe Company. Those factories do not exist now but the population has remained steady at approximately 9,500 people ever since the year 1911. There is a sense of quietness and undisturbed calm about the town. Amherst was a former railway hub and Via Rail passenger trains still stop here although the iconic station is no longer staffed by the company. The Trans-Canada Highway borders the town, going onto Halifax and Truro. Moncton, N.B, the city known for its famous main street and multiple big box stores, is only 30 minutes away approximately.

There are many people who have summer cottages facing the ocean nearby within a 15-20 minute radius from downtown. The unhurried existence of locals here is something that is drawing tired city folk looking for greener pastures and bigger homes at cheaper prices than what they would be able to buy in Vancouver or Toronto.