Amazon establishes tech hub in Toronto

Retail conglomerate Amazon has established its software development centre at Toronto. This centre will be developing high technology solutions across aspects like cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence and digital advertising. This office spans 113, 000 sq. ft. and will prove employment for around 600 people. Amazon already has more than 10, 000 employees throughout Canada and has already pumped in more than US$2.2 billion or roughly CAD$3 billion from the year 2011 onwards. This is inclusive of overall compensation and infrastructure.

Amazon already employs more than 800 individuals at its corporate office in Toronto and this division majorly emphasizes on software development and research. According to the Amazon top brass, Toronto has a thriving technology sector and a huge skilled workforce. Top talent is available in Toronto which is already a city that thrives on innovation. The Toronto centre is one of the 18 global tech hubs owned by Amazon outside its headquarters at Seattle.

All these hubs provide employment for a whopping 20, 000 people who are engaged in developing new services and products for buyers. Employees located at this office in Toronto will be building technology for boosting delivery experiences for all buyers along with enhancing overall operations and logistics networks of Amazon globally. Amazon has a Career Choice program working wonders in Canada where training of employees is funded, enabling them to easily opt for courses in top sectors. There was also a donation made by the program Amazon Future Engineer to the Canada Learning Code for inspiring more people to pursue technology sector jobs.

Toronto has a flourishing technology and start-up space with several leading IT companies and other corporates setting up shop here. It is steadily becoming a commercial hub as a result and this is driving more employment and subsequent demand for residential housing in turn.